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Friburge Oil and Gas (04:42)


Creative African solutions cross boundaries and revolutionize industries. Nosizwe Nokwe-Macam discusses how technology has improved inspections on oil rigs and water treatment protocols. The firm hopes to expand into nascent countries. (Credits)

Gearbox (04:41)

Collaboration encourages productivity. In Nairobi, Kamau Gachigi runs a company where members can physically create prototypes of inventions. Roy Allela invents gloves that can translate sign language into speech.

Google Nigeria (04:21)

Technology plays a role in generating innovation and can create empowerment. Future plans for Africa include farmers using digital tools to detect diseases and improving healthcare. A mentoring program provides infrastructure and advice for technology start-ups.

South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (04:04)

Astronomers use the MeerKAT to study galaxy formation. Fernando Camilo discusses how to interpret the radio telescope's findings. Data aligns when the antennas work in collaboration.

Munch Bowls (04:16)

Georgina De Kock discusses the inspiration to create edible plates. Bowls remain crisp for five hours and are microwaveable. The company hopes to expand into India, China, and Japan.

Credits: Innovate Africa: Part 2 (00:22)

Credits: Innovate Africa: Part 2

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Nigerian technology at Google, the southern hemisphere’s most advanced telescope to collaboration manufacturing in Kenya, edible food containers.

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