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Count Dropula: Cape Town (03:57)


Creativity, imagination, and a courage generates innovation. Thinus Booysen discusses his inspiration to build a simple water meter to prevent day-zero from occurring in South Africa. Schools empower students and raise conservation awareness.

Fonio (03:40)

Pierre Thiam cooks Senegalese food in New York City and has written three cookbooks about West African cuisine. The gluten-free grain is rich in amino acids and grows in nutrient poor soil. Yolelo foods imports from African farms.

Nigerian Products (03:03)

Patience Torlowei does not outsource but manufactures clothing in Africa. She discusses being selected to participate in the "Earth Matters" fashion show. She wants to leave a legacy and give back to her community.

Design Indaba (04:31)

Creativity is the ultimate renewable energy. Ravi Naidoo discusses the inspiration behind Indaba Design and Interactive Africa. The organization acts as a catalyst for innovation without commercial intent.

Shiriki Hubs (03:06)

Henri Nyarkarundi discusses the inspiration behind creating a solar-powered network charging station with wifi. Women and disabled individuals do not need to pay an upfront fee to own a franchise.

mPharma (03:55)

Gregory Rockson discusses issues with the medical supply chain in Africa; his organization built its own infrastructure. Any woman diagnosed with breast cancer in Nigeria receives an interest-free payment plan for medication. In Zimbabwe, a partnership with the Red Cross reduces drug cost.

Credits: Innovate Africa (00:22)

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Many ideas coming out of Africa are solutions that resonate beyond the continent, making an impact on a global scale. Meet trailblazers aspiring to transform society as we know it.

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