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London Sewers (03:02)


Fatbergs are a conglomeration of cooking oil, baby wipes, diapers, and sanitary products. In Whitechapel, workers destroy one the size of eleven buses. Throw the items away, do not flush them.

Mongol Rally (03:48)

Chris and Julie Ramsey drive from London to Siberia in an electric car. The Nissan Leaf has a domestic cable that allows it charge at cafes, restaurants, and fire stations. EV charging ports are expected to increase to 12 million globally.

Hoedspruit, South Africa (03:56)

Argent Energy is a biofuel refinery that processes fatbergs into gas for public transportation. Anton Mzimba protects rhinos from poachers at Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. Chinese and Vietnamese people believe horns have health benefits.

London Recycling (05:02)

Argent Energy's biodiesel is filtered twice. Ugo Vallauri advocates repairing broken electronics instead of purchasing new devices. Fix Fest is a community event where volunteers help participants reduce e-waste; it takes over 3,000 gallons of water to manufacture a smartphone.

New York City (03:46)

London buses use biodiesel fuel from Argent Energy. Swale's Floating Food Forest is a barge where individuals can pick produce for free. Only 4% of the people who live in the Bronx eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

Bandung (03:09)

Fatbergs contribute to biodiesel fuel for public transportation. Mr. Sariban has collected litter on Indonesia's streets for 34 years. Cigarettes contain toxins, nicotine, and carcinogens that are poisonous to wildlife.

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Explore how individuals around the world are leading the way and bringing positive change to communities through environmental initiatives. From Indonesia's septuagenarian street-sweeper, to the Scottish couple who took the first ever electric vehicle 10,000 miles across Central Asia. We also follow the story of one of society's modern menaces - blocked sewers. Can fatbergs really be turned into fuel? Nicki Shields goes on the road for answers.

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