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The Mystery of Stonehenge (05:15)


Stonehenge is an enduring and enigmatic monument which presents more puzzles the more we attempt to discover its secrets. It is a mystery which may never be solved.

Isolation of Stonehenge (05:37)

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, that has been the subject of many theories about its use and purpose.

Theoretical Theories (03:57)

Stonehenge was an ancient astronomical computer used to chart the passing of the seasons.

Where Did the Bluestones Come From? (03:07)

The bluestones used to make Stonehenge came from the Preseli mountains in South Wales.

Bluestone Transport Routes (05:04)

The most likely route for the transport of the bluestones from Preseli to Stonehenge was overland from Preseli to Milford Haven on the coast, then they were taken by some sort of craft around the coast of South Wales and across the mouth of the Severn to the Bristol Avon.

The Science and Astronomy of the Neolithic (03:32)

There are many monuments similar to Stonehenge, but what makes Stonehenge unique is that the final phase of it was in stone. The Neolithic people's mathematical and astronomical abilities are hotly debated, but it is not possible to infer from the evidence of archaeology alone that they had an interest in science and knowledge for its own sake.

Stonehenge's Roots (04:12)

It is possible that it was both an honor and a great responsibility to be involved in the construction of Stonehenge.

Stonehenge Phases (04:45)

Stonehenge was probably completed around 2800 BC, but it was to be nearly 600 years before the familiar outline of Stonehenge as we know it today would take shape.

Stonehenge Important for over 1,500 Years (04:42)

Stonehenge is an ancient monument in England that was built before the time of the Druids. It is still an important site today, and debate about its origins and uses is not new.

Legends of Stonehenge Continue (04:25)

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, that attracts tourists and speculation because of its mystery and beauty.

Credits (00:33)


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This is the fascinating story of the British Isles in prehistory: of the hunters and farmers who eked out a living from the land: and of Stonehenge, the megalithic structure which has become a symbol of those dark and mysterious times. The ancient stone circle is steeped in myth and legend even today, it refuses to give up all of it's secrets.

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