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Monte Cassino (04:11)


Allied forces land in German occupied Italy and encounter the Gustav Line; they bomb St. Benedict's Monastery. The Wehrmacht leaves Ukraine. French forces eventually control Monte Cassino. The Wehrmacht retreats, but the Germans retain control of northern Italy. (Credits)

Operation Overlord (07:59)

Allied forces prepare for the Normandy landing; paratroopers land in Occupied France. Allied ships bomb the coast. Troops descend on beaches code-named Omaha, Juno, Gold, and Sword. Marshall Erwin Rommel reports conditions to Adolf Hitler.

Liberty Ships and Combat (05:16)

The Allies plan to land 326,000 men in Normandy and construct a harbor; troops slowly advance through the countryside. The U.S. assembles a second force and attacks the Mariana Islands. A bloody battle occurs on Saipan; 300,000 civilians commit suicide.

Victims of Warfare (04:40)

French resistance hinders German reinforcements; the SS slaughter any resistors. Gen. Charles de Gaulle establishes a provisional government in France. Hitler fires V-1s at London, boosting German morale; Allied forces bomb German cities.

Plot to Remove Hitler (04:21)

Hitler survives Claus Stauffenberg's assassination attempt and executes 5,000 suspects; Rommel commits suicide. The Red Army destroys three German armies and parades 200,000 POWs through Moscow.

Normandy Progress (03:29)

Allied forces capture 50,000 German soldiers in the Falaise Pocket and land troops in Provence; they liberate the coast up to Marseille. German troops attempt to destroy Paris but encounter resistance; troops liberate the city.

War and Hate (04:56)

Gen. Douglas MacArthur returns to the Philippines. American troops discover mass executions. Japanese soldiers commit suicide to avoid capture. Racism is an underlying cause of WWII and gives birth to the Holocaust. The Nazis construct V-2 rockets.

Allied Bombings (03:56)

Scientists in the U.S. build an atomic bomb. Carpet bombing devastates German cities, including Dresden. Nazi leaders obey orders to attack the Allies in the Ardennes. Russian soldiers enter Germany and millions flee.

Crimea and the Pacific (03:57)

Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin meet; Stalin promises to hold free elections in Poland and relinquish Greece. U.S. Marines raise the flag on Mt. Suribachi. Bombers drop 1,700 tons of napalm on Japan.

Germany Declines (03:17)

Germany is on the verge of collapse but Hitler refuses to admit defeat. Many German soldiers surrender. Hitler offers condolences to some members of the Hitler Youth.

East Meets West (03:03)

American and Russian troops meet at the Elbe River, infuriating Gen. George Patton. Eisenhower witnesses atrocities at Buchenwald. He withdraws troops from the area and Stalin makes the camp part of his gulag system.

Allied Victory in Germany (03:25)

Soviet troops enter Berlin. Hitler, Eva Braun, and Magda and Joseph Goebbels commit suicide. Troops capture main Nazi leaders and Benito Mussolini is executed. People extract revenge on collaborators. Wilhelm Keitel signs Germany's unconditional surrender.

End of WWII (04:48)

Kamikaze pilots strike American ships. The U.S. detonates atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Japan finally surrenders. Approximately 50 million people die during the war and thousands suffer the effects of nuclear radiation.

Credits: Episode 6: Inferno (01:15)

Credits: Episode 6: Inferno

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1944. The Allies have landed in Italy, but find their march blocked by the Wehrmacht, which is well entrenched behind the Gustav Line (Monte Cassino). As a result of America’s extraordinary industrial might, the Allies manage to simultaneously launch two of the biggest landings in history in both Normandy and Saipan in the Pacific. Civilian losses are high on both sides of the planet during this terrible struggle between the Allies and the Axis. On July 20th, Hitler miraculously survives an attempt on his life. The retaliation is ruthless and the SS truly take power in Germany. Still hoping to shift the course, Hitler’s last counter-attack in the Ardennes is overcome by the GI’s heroism. On the Eastern Front, the Red Army continues its unstoppable march and reaches Berlin. Nothing can save Germany, not even its “secret weapons” – the V1 and V2. Hitler commits suicide. In the Pacific, Kamikazes are raining on the American fleet and the Japanese army – more fanatical than ever – fights to the last man. To bring the Empire of the Rising Sun to its knees, and to avoid a treacherous landing in Japan, the Americans unleash the atomic fire. The Apocalypse.

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