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Soviet Resistance (03:50)


The Germans surround Leningrad and reach the Caucasus. Moscow remains unattainable and the Soviets continue fighting in Stalingrad. Gueorgui Joukov secretly assembles an army and factory workers rush to provide equipment.

Battle of El Alamein (05:27)

The U.S. provides aid to Russia. In Egypt, Gen. Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps reach El Alamein. Gen. Bernard Montgomery leads an offensive; Rommel eventually retreats.

Northern Africa Campaign (04:10)

Winston Churchill announces, "the end of the beginning." British and American troops come under fire from Vichy forces, but secure the landing. Dwight Eisenhower negotiates with Francois Darlan and the two sides ally; Adolf Hitler moves troops into Tunisia.

"Free Zone" (02:13)

Rommel retreats toward Tunisia. Hitler invades southern France; the French scuttle their ships at the port of Toulon. Some families hide Jewish children.

Stalingrad Front (05:24)

Axis soldiers enjoy a brief respite while Soviet troops prepare an attack. Joukov launches the offensive and traps the 6th Army inside the city; Hitler orders Gen. Friedrich Paulus to stand firm.

Casablanca Conference (03:37)

Benito Mussolini wants to end the war. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, and Henri Giraud meet in Morocco. Churchill and Roosevelt demand the unconditional surrender of Japan, Italy, and Germany. Stalin launches an offensive at Stalingrad.

Soviets Regain Stalingrad (07:01)

Soviet troops push their way to the city center; Paulus and the 6th Army surrender. The Nazi Regime uses the event to galvanize the German people and Albert Speer organizes the German war industry. Underground resistance groups form in the occupied countries.

Warsaw Ghetto (02:10)

The ghetto becomes an over-crowed prison by 1940 and conditions steadily decline. In 1943, a Jewish uprising occurs. The Nazis send survivors to Treblinka where they are executed, and destroy the ghetto.

Prisoners of War (03:29)

Allied forces enter Tunis; Hitler recalls Rommel to Germany. German POWs board American ships bound for the U.S. and Canada; Nazism continues to rule inside prison camps.

German Authority (04:25)

German soldiers share rumors about Hitler who has changed since the loss of Stalingrad. Dr. Theo Morell treats the Fuhrer. Heinrich Himmler's importance increases and he recruits soldiers for the Waffen-SS; the Wehrmacht enlists 1 million Soviet prisoners.

Operation Citadel (04:28)

Hitler returns his focus to the destruction of the Red Army. Erich von Manstein leads the offensive at Kursk; the Soviets learn about battle plans. Germany suffers large losses and Hitler moves to a defensive stance.

German Occupation (03:01)

Hitler attempts to hold back Allied troops; Italy surrenders and changes sides. Hitler rescues Mussolini from prison and invades Italy; Rommel defends Fortress Europe.

Credits: Episode 5: The Noose (01:14)

Credits: Episode 5: The Noose

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At the end of 1942, the Russians still hold Stalingrad and the Eastern front is stagnating. In the north Atlantic, the Allies have managed to reduce the threat of German submarines. While in El-Alamein in the Egyptian desert, the British Empire has stopped the dangerous advance of Rommel’s troops towards the Suez Canal. British and Americans open a new front in North Africa. Hitler invades France’s “Free Zone” to protect the Mediterranean coast, and the rounding up of Jews intensifies across Europe. But Hitler is powerless against General Zhukov’s counter-attack in Stalingrad and cannot out maneuver the encircling of his forces. At Kursk, Hitler attempts a final attack against the Red Army, but it is in vain. At the same moment, the Allies are landing in Sicily. Italy changes sides. The vice is tightening in Europe around the Axis troops, but more than ever, Hitler seems determined to fight on to the end.

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