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Introduction: After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News (01:59)


Political Operative Jack Burkman believes fake news is a weapon and disregards any negative consequences; there is no truth, only perception. (Credits)

Post-Truth Culture (08:33)

There is growing confusion between real and fake news. A 2015 military exercise in Texas results in Jade Helm conspiracy theories and reaction from Gov. Greg Abbott. Michael Hayden links Jade Helm disinformation to Russian activities.

Pizzagate (15:30)

Facebook pages that propagate disinformation receive more engagement before Election Day. Comet Ping Pong becomes embroiled in a human trafficking conspiracy theory linked to the Podesta emails. Edgar Maddison Welch enters the pizzeria with weapons.

Weaponized Term (05:35)

President Trump uses the term fake news to describe the media. Jerome Corsi creates and promotes conspiracy theories. Disinformation often originates from interpretation.

Seth Rich Murder (11:44)

Aaron Rich recalls his brother's death. Conspiracy theories link his murder to Hillary Clinton and WikiLeaks. Burkman uses fake news as a weapon to drive a story. Media sentence analysis reveals that the topic of the murder is an interference pattern from the right.

Technology and Disinformation (06:56)

In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the Senate about Facebook's failure to protect users' private information and fake news. Experts reflect on platform manipulation and public impact; social media is a powerful tool.

Alabama Project (10:38)

Social media has become a tool for political operatives. Matt Osborne creates a Facebook page to disseminate fake news and influence the Senate election in Doug Jones' favor. New Knowledge also creates a page; Jonathon Morgan claims it was an experiment.

Robert Mueller Smear Campaign (14:41)

Burkman will use fake news as long as others do the same. With Jacob Whol, he identifies Mueller as a sex offender during a press conference; Whol posts fake news on Twitter. Journalists question claims and credibility.

Fake News and Free Speech (12:40)

People spend 25% of their lives in artificial social systems. Conspiracy theories fragment truth and have lasting consequences. Experts accuse Facebook of hiding behind the First Amendment. Tech platforms remove Alex Jones' content and he cries censorship; he targets Oliver Darcy.

Fighting Disinformation (04:52)

The truth is the only way to fight fake news; creating disorientation is an important goal of propaganda. James Alefantis reflects on community support. The FBI designates conspiracy theories like Pizzagate as domestic terrorism; the Senate fails to pass legislation to increase election security.

Credits: After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News (01:56)

Credits: After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News

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