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Apollo 11

Item #: 205851

The Downing Of Gary Powers

Item #: 205852

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Item #: 205853

Pearl Harbor

Item #: 205854

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Tech Effect

The Series Includes : Apollo 11 | The Downing Of Gary Powers | St. Valentine's Day Massacre | Pearl Harbor
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $519.80
3-Year Streaming Price: $519.80



From the hammering of the golden spike connecting the east and west coasts of the United States by railroad to the first steps on the moon, the advances that aided Japan in its attack on Pearl Harbor to the atomic bomb that led to its surrender, each episode of Tech Effect looks at the innovations behind memorable historical events and explores how technological advances made these events possible, and also looks at other inventions that sprang from them.

Length: 86 minutes

Item#: BVL205850

Copyright date: ©2004

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