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Jordan River (02:52)


The river is a lifeline in the desert of the Middle East. Farmers in the Jordan Valley grow food for 16 million people. The river and the Dead Sea are suffering from water shortage.

Jordan River's Start (02:48)

The river begins with snowmelt in the Golan Heights in northern Israel. It then flows to the wetlands of the Hula Valley that is home to much wildlife.

Pumping from the Jordan River (06:35)

The river runs into the Sea of Galilee, which provides drinking water for Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. The river has been used as irrigation since before Israel was founded. Environmentalists worrying about the river going dry.

Jordan River and Conflicts (04:58)

The river acts as the border between Israel and Jordan, whose conflicts have had an impact on the system. Environmentalists from both nations are working to protect the river's future, including the area near an old hydroelectric plant.

Jordan River in Amman (06:17)

In the Jordanian capital, water is strictly regulated and is only available once a week. Residents store their week of water in rooftop tanks. Activists are trying to help the water shortage as the city's population increases.

Jordan River and Farming (02:54)

Most Jordanian farms use water from the King Abdullah Canal, which pulls from the Jordan. Water usage is limited and effects what farmers can grow. Engineers are helping farmers incorporate rainwater collection and drip irrigation.

Jordan River in the West Bank (05:39)

Palestinian fruit and vegetable farmers are cut off from the Jordan River and rely on water sources from the mountains. The canals do not have water year round. Nearby Israeli farmers receive access to more water.

Jordan River Restrictions (03:38)

A free access point was set up in 2011 near Jericho and is a pilgrimage spot for Christians. The Palestinian bank of the Jordan has been fenced off since the Six Day War.

Jordan River Pollution (02:59)

Waster water and fish farms are polluting the river. Engineers are introducing new filters for the water from fish farms, helping to clean the water before it returns to the river.

Jordan River and Water Reduction (03:01)

Farmers in Israel use monitoring systems to reduce their water usage. They are collecting data on stem length, stress levels of leaves, and water intake.

Jordan River and the Dead Sea (09:31)

In 2013, Israel builds a desalination plant to decrease the strain on the Jordan River. Not enough water is reaching the Dead Sea and it is shrinking. An activist group leads a swim across the sea to increase protection efforts.

Credits: "The Jordan: River of Peace?" (00:29)

Credits: "The Jordan: River of Peace?"

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The Jordan River is the most important source of water for Jordanians, Israelis, and Palestinians. Intensive farming is robbing the sacred river of its water. Since Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty in 1994, campaigners from an environmental organization have been working across all borders to rescue both the Jordan River and the Dead Sea for the protection of nature and for peace in the region.

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