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Andalusia (02:29)


The region of southern Spain is home to Europe's only desert. Large-scale greenhouse farming has caused a water shortage for residents.

Andalusia and the Moors (06:43)

The Alhambra, the seat of power for the Moors, had elaborate gardens and fountains. The Moors built a system of canals to bring water in from the mountains. Their knowledge of wells and channels allowed for successful farming.

Andalusia's Irrigation System (08:59)

Andalusia's greenhouses use huge amounts of water, and the aquifers are almost dry. Locals rely on the canal system the Moors built for farmers. A water distribution system helped agriculture thrive under the Moors.

Andalusia's Greenhouses (04:56)

The greenhouses are located in the Tabernas Desert, the driest region in Europe. Experts carefully manage soil quality and water usage. There is a water shortage.

Andalusia's Water Shortage (06:50)

A desalination plant helps with the water supply, but uses fossil fuels. Researchers are testing whether solar energy can turn sea water into distilled water and the use of disinfected wastewater from cities.

Andalusia's Water Theft and Erosion (06:57)

In western Andalusia, many farmers illegally obtain water. Overuse and lack of water causes much of the soil to erode. These problems threaten Donana National Park.

Andalusia's Park Protection (04:52)

Environmental groups are reforesting parts of Donana National Park to combat the effects of large-scale agriculture. New trees will decrease erosion and increase water quality. The regions' winegrowers use dry organic farming to protect the groundwater.

Andalusia's Fish Farm (10:16)

The fish live in low concentration, making it better for the environment. The farm uses brackish water from a nearby wetland to preserve the drinking water. Sustainability is the main goal.

Credits: "Andalusia's Hidden Treasures" (00:35)

Credits: "Andalusia's Hidden Treasures"

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In the dry region of southern Spain, water is a scarce commodity known as “liquid silver”. Farmers, scientists, and conservationists are working with the local population to combine ancient knowledge gained over centuries with state of the art technologies to protect this unique natural landscape.

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