Segments in this Video

Modern Makers: Introduction (03:02)


This segment orients viewers to three artists featured in this video. Web-based marketplaces and social media provide new avenues for creative entrepreneurs.

"Artifact" (03:01)

All of the company's wax canvas and leather products are handmade. Chris Hughes discusses becoming an entrepreneur; his first product is a wax canvas lunch tote.

"Gingiber" (04:45)

Stacie Bloomfield discusses transforming her hobby into the illustrated paper goods and home decor company. Hughes and Bloomfield reflect on aspects of small business management and creativity.

"Green Beetle Shop" (03:22)

Joshua Smith discusses creating his small business from a hobby. He, Hughes, and Bloomfield reflect on living and operating in smaller communities.

Business Beginnings (04:18)

Bloomfield discusses listing her illustrations on Etsy. Hughes recalls learning to operate an industrial sewing machine. Smith reflects on creating a business from his interests. The entrepreneurs discuss acquiring sales and marketing skills.

Social Media and Business Growth (06:08)

Direct customer Instagram is the number one driver for Bloomfield's revenue. Smith reflects on increased exposure with Instagram. Existing customers are Hughes' best form of advertisement. The entrepreneurs reflect on passion and success.

Credits: Modern Makers (00:35)

Credits: Modern Makers

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Modern Makers

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Modern Makers is a 25 minute documentary that features three artists who have built successful creative businesses from literally nothing. They are unlikely business people living in unlikely places who have taken advantage of modern internet technologies (and other creative strategies) to grow very unique businesses.

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