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Ralph Lauren Corporation (02:15)


Lauren's office is filled with meaningful items. He claims to hate fashion and discusses his lack of training; his sense of color comes from his father.

Lauren's Youth (03:45)

Lauren's brother Jerry says that he has always had style. Calvin Klein recalls Lauren's boldness and ability to connect lifestyle with clothing. Lauren discusses growing up humble and aspiring for more.

Lauren Models (02:24)

Lauren and his team preside over several go-sees. Lauren prefers natural looking women; his wife is his muse.

Lauren's Style Story (08:23)

Lauren has always had a sense of personal image; Buffy Birrittella recalls a 1964 newspaper article. Lauren discusses wearing custom made clothing, making wide ties, and selling them to Bloomingdale's.

Men's Fashion: 1960s (02:40)

Lauren's wide tie design leads to the creation of new shirts and suits; he reflects on changing styles. Lauren's desire to tell stories with clothing is revolutionary in menswear.

Business Partnerships (05:08)

Birrittella reflects on learning from Lauren and his style. Marvin Traub gives Lauren a shop in Bloomingdale's. Lauren's company overextends with the bank and he almost goes out of business.

Democratizing Fashion (04:49)

Lauren believes self-expression is important and looks at fashion in a cinematic way. Woody Allen wears clothes designed by Lauren. Tom Brokaw sees Lauren as a cultural force.

Jewish Origins (06:32)

Jerry discusses changing the family name of Lifshitz. Richard Cohen recalls antisemitism as Lauren's popularity increased. Movies are a significant influence for Lauren.

Lauren's Family (03:07)

Lauren escapes to the beach house when he needs a break; family comes first. Ricky reflects on raising three children and being part of Lauren's dream.

Women's Wear (07:02)

Lauren's success unexpectedly leads him into women's clothing. Birrittella discusses tailoring for women and early fashion shows. Lauren 's clothing defines the emergence of modern women.

Ad Campaigns (08:20)

Lauren understands the ideal of the American dream and tells the story. "The New York Times Magazine" runs a 17-page spread. Experts discuss early ads and using African Americans in strong campaigns.

Versatile Collections (06:43)

Lauren finds inspiration in many things; he has a cinematic vision. Experts discuss his creative process. Lauren believes in timelessness. Birrittella and Lauren recall changing a collection.

Lifestyle Brand (08:03)

Lauren forges lifestyle into fashion, including sportswear. Good designers create clothing that is a personal extension. Lauren is the first fashion designer to create a home collection; see his various houses.

Lauren's Personality (04:14)

Lauren's children describe him as "down to earth," funny, and playful; he dresses according to character. Lauren is the face of his brand, but he is also shy.

Ralph Lauren Brand (05:26)

Lauren thinks beyond fashion collections and creates his own world. He purchases a mansion to provide shoppers with an experience; Polo shirts provide a sense of belonging.

New Brand Context (02:22)

Low Life members wear Polo clothing. Thirstin Howl III reflects on public perceptions, image, and pursuing the American dream.

Business Progression (07:15)

Lauren reflects on creating a collection, the importance of teamwork, and control. He opens his company to public stock and opens stores in several countries. Lauren embodies American concepts.

Business Identity (10:19)

Lauren wants to continue to excel; he stays true to his aesthetic and believes in the American dream. Experts discuss the brand becoming "stale." Lauren reflects on 50 years of fashion; see clips from the 50th celebration.

Lauren's Future (02:00)

Lauren cares about what he does and continues to work. He reflects on life's necessities as you age and dreams.

Credits: Very Ralph (03:20)

Credits: Very Ralph

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With an uncanny ability to turn his dreams into reality, Ralph Lauren has built a global powerhouse out of his aspirations, becoming a living embodiment of American optimism and the American Dream. For more than 50 years, he has celebrated the iconography of America and American style, translating his vision and inspiration into one of the world’s most widely recognized brands. From award-winning documentarian Susan Lacy (HBO’s Jane Fonda in Five Acts, Spielberg), Very Ralph follows the designer as he enters his sixth decade in business and reflects on his journey as a boy from the Bronx, who didn’t know what a fashion designer was, to becoming the emblem of American style around the world. Offering unprecedented access to his life and work, the feature-length film features extensive, candid interviews with Lauren, who talks about his childhood, his five-decade-long marriage, the early days of his company, his response to criticism, and his inventive multi-page ad campaigns. A pioneering visionary, Lauren’s career includes a remarkable series of firsts that have secured his place within fashion history, as he continues his commitment to style, elegance and inclusivity, one collection at a time.

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