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Supportive Learning Environment (04:18)


Being comfortable in a learning environment facilitates education. Joanne Davis teaches kindergarten; students in her class vary in readiness and needs. She has set routines and created community and expectations so students feel valued, safe, and ready to learn.

Continuous Assessment (03:00)

Pre-assessment shows where students are at the beginning of a unit. Formative assessments helps teachers understand what is working. Davis uses labels to make observations and adds them to student files.

High Quality Curriculum (04:26)

Students have to master certain knowledge and skills; understanding the meaning of what they learned supports retention. Davis uses song and movement to work on the alphabet; students with special needs lead the group.

Respectful Tasks (05:16)

In Davis' class, students can work alone or together to keep learning going. Groups of mixed abilities are put together in centers and pulled out for individual work if needed. Thinking and problem solving keeps kids engaged.

Flexible Grouping (05:48)

Teachers can group students together in purposeful and varied ways to facilitate learning. Davis designs specific group activities to meet the needs of students with diverse needs and abilities. (Credits)

Extended Example #1 - Tallwood Elementary School in Virginia Beach, Virginia (09:46)

Students work at assigned centers. The teacher works with individuals and groups to facilitate learning.

Extended Example #2 - Maire Elementary School Grosse Pointe, Michigan (07:03)

A teacher works with a third-grade math group. Students work with cubes to figure out the written problem on the board.

Extended Example #3 - Eberwhite Elementary School Ann Arbor, Michigan (08:46)

Students work in groups to learn about different aspects of pioneer life. They are instructed to read cards, discuss, and ask questions before starting on activities. The teacher works with groups and redirects students to focus on tasks.

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