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Introduction: Hyper Evolution - The Rise of the Robots (02:31)


The world contains over nine million robots. In this video, Dr. Ben Garrod and Prof. Danielle George will investigate the possibility of intelligent robots becoming human companions, consciousness, and autonomous vehicles.

Robotic Astronaut (06:33)

NASA's advanced robot, Valkyrie is designed to help establish a home for humans on Mars. Experts create code to provide the robot with better capabilities; George witnesses a movement demonstration.

Robotic Communication (06:19)

Alpha is one of the world's oldest robots. George watches a short 1934 film that showcases Alpha's capabilities and examines its hardware. Many people use voice assistants like Siri.

Human/Robot Bond (06:56)

In 2013, Japan sends a robotic astronaut to the International Space Station to provide Koichi Wakata with emotional support. Garrod examines the domestic version of Kirobo. Hisashi Kusuda discusses creating a communication partner; Kirobo exhibits human-like gestures.

Artificial Brain (07:16)

Garrod navigates Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo and reflects on the complexity of the human brain. Tortoise, designed by Dr. Grey Walter in 1948, is the first robot capable of sensing the world around it; Garrod participates in a light demonstration.

Autonomous Vehicles (08:02)

Garrod travels the Autobahn in a driverless car. The car's computer uses numerous integrated sensors to generate a 3D map for navigation; it does not drive in construction areas. Ethical and legal questions surround accident responsibility.

Robotic Learning (07:35)

Garrod questions whether robots will develop a sense of self and become conscious. Robovie learns to be a camera salesperson by watching shopkeeper/customer interactions and creating a database. Prof. Dylan Glass reflects on human learning.

Center for Robotics and Neural Systems (07:21)

The iCub learns like a child, trying to discover relationships between what it can see, hear, and touch. Garrod teaches iCub the names of objects; iCub counts. Experts reflect on the future of robotics.

Robotic Evolution (03:14)

George and Garrod reflect on the robots they have encountered in this video and the evolution of robots. Garrod feels he can trust robots; he fears what we may learn about ourselves.

Credits: Hyper Evolution - The Rise of the Robots: Part 2 (00:43)

Credits: Hyper Evolution - The Rise of the Robots: Part 2

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Hyper Evolution - The Rise of the Robots: Part 2

Part of the Series : Hyper Evolution - The Rise of the Robots
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This second episode uncovers the roots of an essential ingredient of any relationship–the art of conversation. The presenters come face-to-face with a whole range of creations from one of the first talking robots, Alpha a 1930s gun-toting womanizer; and the one-sided conversations with Siri; or Valkyrie – a heroic female robot designed to pave the way for us to set up home on Mars; to a little robot called Kirobo – designed to be a companion on the International Space Station.

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