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Introduction: Hyper Evolution - The Rise of the Robots (04:40)


Dr. Ben Garrod and Prof. Danielle George have different feelings about robots. In this video, they will consider robots from a biological perspective and investigate their evolution, future, and societal impact.

Androids (05:44)

Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro is the creator of Erica, a fully autonomous robot. Garrod has a conversation with Erica and reflects on her interactions. He questions an android's ability to express emotion.

Social Robots (05:05)

Prof. Dylan Glass discusses what occurs in Erica's robotic mind as she interacts with people. Ishiguro introduces Garrod to his android twin. Japanese religions embrace the idea that a human spirit can inhabit a human-made object.

Westerners Fear Robot (03:44)

Eric, built in 1928, is the first British robot. Karel Capek introduces robots into cultural imagination with "Rossum's Universal Robots." Ben Russel likens robots to a mirror.

Robotic Movement (07:23)

Many westerners fear robots will take jobs from humans. In 1937, Westinghouse Electric creates a robot to showcase capabilities; George investigates Electro's movement.

Robotic Hands (06:03)

The human hand is complex and highly maneuverable. Garrod examines they keyboard playing robot, Wabot-2; Dr. Shigeki Sugano discusses its movements.

Mini Cooper Factory (05:25)

Every day, over 900 robots produce the bodies of 1,000 cars. Alex Mackenzie discusses robotic spot welding and robot benefits. Factories worldwide contain over three million industrial robots.

Bipedal Locomotion (06:48)

Walking is the most difficult movement for robots. Garrod investigates the evolution of robotic walking; he examines WHL-II and WABIAN-2.

Advanced Robotic Movement (06:11)

Atlas' movements encompass mobility, dexterity, agility, and speed. Experts at Boston Dynamics discuss Atlas' features and dynamic motion.

Robotic Technology (06:05)

Animals inspire many of Boston Dynamics's robots. Handle is a hybrid that shares some features with Atlas. George and Garrod reflect on the emerging species of robots.

Credits: Hyper Evolution - The Rise of the Robots: Part 1 (00:42)

Credits: Hyper Evolution - The Rise of the Robots: Part 1

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Hyper Evolution - The Rise of the Robots: Part 1

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Evolutionary biologist Dr. Ben Garrod is unashamedly unnerved by the tremendous rate that robots are evolving. Whilst electronics engineer Professor Danielle George is welcoming them with open arms. To make sense of Ben’s fears and Danielle’s optimism, they set out to investigate the evolution of robots–treating them as if they are an emerging “species.” Ben meets one of the most humanlike robots in the world – the disarmingly charming Erica – who might be warm to the touch, but her sense of humor falls decidedly flat. Their encounter seems weird enough until he meets her creator, who has made a robot twin of himself, and even has cosmetic enhancements to ensure they continue to look the same. He also finds out why it’s so difficult for robots to walk like us.

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