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Introduction: Why Crime Witnesses Fail to Act (01:12)


Can a decades-old murder shed light on how viewers react to violence they witness on the Internet? “Retro Report on PBS” also explores medical applications of drugs that shaped 1960s counterculture, sexual assault in the military, and the boatload of garbage that galvanized the recycling movement.

Bystander Effect Online (11:14)

Social media allows bullies and criminals to broadcast their antisocial and sometimes violent acts to a wide audience. Many watch these clips without calling police or otherwise intervening. PBS revisits the infamous 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese to gain insight into psychological factors.

Tailhook Scandal (12:31)

Women can serve in the Green Berets, the Navy Seals, and other parts of the Armed Forces that were once off limits. Paula Coughlin and other whistleblowers shined a spotlight on sexual assault and discrimination, making the military a less hostile place for women.

Promising New Treatment for Depression (11:53)

Psychedelic drugs were an infamous component of 1960s counterculture, promoted by Timothy Leary and other cultural antiheroes. Today, researchers are discovering that LSD, psilocybin, and other schedule one drugs may hold the key to curing depression and other maladies.

Controversial Voyage of the Mobro (11:06)

Recycling on a mass scale can be traced back to the 1980s. Public awareness was fueled by the widely publicized story of a garbage-filled barge that departed from Islip, New York before being turned away from several ports.

Was the Moon Landing Fake? (04:57)

Humorist Andy Borowitz lampoons moon landing deniers and other conspiracy theorists who deny the benefits of vaccines and fighting global climate change. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin delivers a blunt rebuttal to someone who claims the landing was faked.

Credits: Why Crime Witnesses Fail to Act (00:31)

Credits: Why Crime Witnesses Fail to Act

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Why Crime Witnesses Fail to Act

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Retro Report on PBS examines why crime witnesses fail to act, a naval officer who transformed the U.S. military, medical applications for psychedelic drugs, and the voyage of a trash barge that persuaded us to recycle. Andy Borowitz highlights lunar hoax theorists.

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