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Feeding Frenzy (04:36)


This episode of “Magical World of Oz” explores what makes Australia’s coastlines special. Dusky sharks herd sardines, which cluster into bait balls. Surfers paddle in for a closer look.

Pearson Island (05:31)

The cold waters surrounding the island are the perfect place for female Australian sea lions to raise pups. The colony is protected, and it hunts in one of the world’s least polluted and best stocked waterways.

Giant Cuttlefish (06:44)

The marine mollusks gather in the shallows of Spencer Gulf on Australia’s south coast. They can grow three feet in length and change the color and texture of their skin to blend into their surroundings and attract mates.

Australian Southern Coast (04:43)

Polar winds create large swells in the Southern Ocean. Many sea creatures seek refuge in the calmer waters of the Great Australian Bight. Southern right whales are among the largest creatures to have ever lived. They swim alongside bottlenose dolphins.

Giant Spider Crabs (06:15)

The Australian crabs are among the world’s largest crustaceans. They gather in the waters of Port Phillip Bay each year to molt. Stingrays patrol the shallows in search of prey.

Gould’s Petrels (08:44)

Cabbage Tree Island is home to one of two breeding colonies in the world. The species spends years at sea without touching dry land. Abandoned chicks climb trees before attempting their first flight.

East Australia's Coastline (06:56)

Humpback whales give birth in the warm shallows around Cabbage Tree Island. An albino humpback has become an Australian legend. The Great Barrier Reef spans 130,000 square miles. Green sea turtles lay eggs on Raine Island.

Lacepede Islands (06:59)

A massive colony of brown boobies nest 100 miles off the coast of Western Australia. A male booby attempts to woo a female. Boobies compete with frigate birds for sardines, while placid whale sharks gorge on plankton.

Shark Bay (03:41)

A whale carcass is like a dinner bell for sharks patrolling the waters. The feeding frenzy draws sightseers. Tiger sharks are threatened elsewhere but thrive in the area.

Credits: Ocean (00:31)

Credits: Ocean

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This episode of Magical Land of Oz is a natural history exploration of Australia’s magical coasts and islands where three oceans create the perfect environment for whales, giant cuttlefish, and sharks.

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