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Friendly Plumber (05:52)


Skilled trade workers are in demand in the U.S. Daniel Scott discusses mentorship, education, a unique experience, and starting a business. Josh Christiansen reflects on pitfalls and fear.

Business Beginnings (04:47)

Scott and Christiansen discuss starting Friendly Plumber, financing, the company's first major purchase, and employees. Scott cites the company's four core values.

Early Success (04:41)

Scott discusses a long-term employee, hiring qualified people, annual wages, and utilizing social media. Christiansen reflects on the first year of business.

Business Growth (05:06)

Scott discusses commercial cash flow, business challenges, and advice for those considering a trade career. Christiansen discusses increasing revenue, successful partnership, and benefits.

Entrepreneurship (03:19)

Christiansen reflects on aspects of running a small business and offers advice. Trade workers are in demand. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Friendly Plumber (02:56)

Credits: Friendly Plumber

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Friendly Plumber

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Daniel Scott and Josh Christiansen met while working for a local plumbing company and hit it off immediately. Shortly after, they decided start their own plumbing company focused on customer service, creating a family environment for employees, and giving people a second chance in life. Today, they employ over 50 people and are ranked as one of the top plumbing companies in Utah. This is a story about recognizing opportunity, perseverance, and timing.

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