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Stock & Barrel Co. (05:17)


Parker and Whitney Lichfield's company makes high quality leather goods. Parker discusses the impetus for creating the business, first steps, and early revenue; Whitney has always been supportive.

Hobby to Business (06:23)

The Lichfields reflect on business struggles, production, and design. Thomas Gulbrandsen becomes a partner in 2017, helping to improve strategy and management; he cites initial challenges.

Production and Education (05:42)

Parker discusses YouTube content and investment; Stock & Barrel Co. has two main business aspects. Community is important to the Lichfields. Parker gives Gary Bredow a leathercrafting lesson.

Profitability and Success (06:14)

Stock & Barrel Co. invests all profit into the business. Parker discusses the business model, working with a spouse, and entrepreneurial advice; Whitney describes her role in the company. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Stock and Barrel (03:22)

Credits: Stock and Barrel

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Stock and Barrel

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Parker Lichfield was working a job he loved doing photography and video for a local Utah company when he was unexpectedly laid off. He had two choices, find another job and risk the same thing happening again, or put his future in his own hands and start making high quality leather goods. This is a story about risk taking, the power of YouTube and quality craftsmanship.

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