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Stitch People (04:52)


Cross-stitch is the oldest form of embroidery. Spencer and Lizzy Bean's company creates custom family portraits and provides DIY instructions. The couple discusses the impetus for the business.

Business Beginnings (05:29)

Lizzy discusses starting Stitch People, revenue sources, and an increase in the desire for hand-made products. Digital marketing and social media are vital to the company. Spencer Bean discusses recognizing Stitch People as a viable business.

Handicraft (07:56)

Lizzy gives Gary Bredow a cross-stitching lesson and discusses committing full time to Stitch People; the company has sold approximately 10,000 copies of "Do-It-Yourself Stitch People." Hyla Sorenson discusses her introduction to Stitch People and reveals some of her work.

Revenue and Balance (05:21)

Stitch People's annual revenue is approximately $300,000. Spencer and Lizzy discuss the future of the company, work/life balance, and advice for starting a business with a spouse. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Stitch People (03:15)

Credits: Stitch People

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Stitch People

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Stitch People was founded by Lizzy and Spencer Bean in 2013, born out of Lizzy's existential crisis and need for a creative outlet. Originally focused on making handmade cross-stitched family portraits, they quickly realized that people wanted to make things themselves. Today Lizzy’s "Do it Yourself” stitch people book is the company’s primary product and the new industry standard in cross stitched family portraits and more. This is a story about believing that anything is possible, and creating your best life.

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