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Service Stations (03:40)


A new type of filling station emerges in the early 20th century. Kevin Oswald discusses the family history of Oswald Service and Repair. Renae Oswald reflects on becoming business owners.

Business Changes (05:55)

Kevin discusses updating Oswald Service and Repair, removing the fuel pumps, and business concerns. He and Renae discuss purchasing property to expand the shop.

Oswald Service and Repair (06:00)

The first business expansion doubles sales. Kevin discusses the need to grow, technological advancements, muscle cars, and employee relationships; he takes Gary Bredow for a ride in a Camaro. Honesty and integrity are important.

Multigenerational Business (03:57)

Doug Crabtree is a long-time customer of Oswald Service and Repair. Renae and Kevin's sons participate in the business. Renae discusses business concerns and offers advice for entrepreneurs.

Future Prospects (04:14)

Kevin discusses business concerns, revenue, and future goals. Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of Oswald Service and Repair. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Oswald Service and Repair (03:33)

Credits: Oswald Service and Repair

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Oswald Service and Repair

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When Kevin Oswald’s father told him that he would have to leave the family auto repair business because there wasn’t enough revenue to sustain two families, he saw it as more of an opportunity than a setback. He spent several years working for another company until his father offered to sell him the business. Today, with two locations and more on the way, Kevin, his wife Renae and their two sons have transformed Oswald’s into a highly successful business. This is a story about vision, forward thinking, and always putting family first.

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