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Woodward Throwbacks (03:57)


Bo Shepherd and Kyle Dubay use architectural salvage to create handmade goods and design spaces. The duo discusses starting the business, initial products, and originality.

Early Sales and Revenue (07:35)

Shepherd and Dubay discuss initial sales, orders from Nordstrom and Target, and purchasing a 24,000 sq. ft. building. Gary Bredow tours the warehouse; Dubay repurposes old church pews.

Source Material and Advertising (04:56)

Shepherd discusses sourcing methods, costs, availability, and areas of revenue. Dubay explains starting Woodward Throwbacks and its online presence.

Industrious Partnership (04:18)

Shepherd reflects on business concerns, potential roles for new employees, and working with a partner. Dubay defends millennials in Detroit and reflects on recognizing success.

Business Growth (02:57)

Dubay considers his personal and professional future and offers advice for people considering starting a business. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Woodward Throwbacks (02:50)

Credits: Woodward Throwbacks

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Woodward Throwbacks

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Woodward Throwbacks is a passion project turned business. Developed by Detroit residents, Bo Shepherd and Kyle Dubay as a way to furnish their apartments and clean up Detroit streets. From riding their bikes around the city searching for reusable materials, to operating a nationwide brand that now employs several Detroit locals, this story is about recognizing opportunity and believing in yourself.

Length: 28 minutes

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