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Rocky Mountain Archery (05:42)


Archery is mainly a recreational activity. Stewart King gives Gary Bredow the company's "elevator pitch." He discusses becoming an entrepreneur, business location, and funding.

Family Business (05:42)

Stewart's daughter Samantha King discusses building construction, her role in the company, and what she enjoys. Stewart discusses business growth and gives Bredow an archery lesson.

U.S. Archery Program (04:34)

Stewart discusses the Olympic program, personality traits of a good archer, and working with a child who has ADHD. Lori Ginal discusses the benefits of archery for her son, his skill level, and advice for other parents.

Archery Aspects (03:43)

Target archery is recreational and a competitive sport. Samantha discusses her archery history and the digital footprint of the family business. Stewart discusses reaching new clients and revenue sources.

Business Challenges (03:55)

Samantha reflects on bringing work aspects home. Stewart discusses business worries and happiness. The father and daughter offer advice for those considering a family business. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Rocky Mountain Archery (03:10)

Credits: Rocky Mountain Archery

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Rocky Mountain Archery

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Stewart King has been actively involved in archery for over 32 years. As an accomplished tournament target archer, he’s practiced at several different facilities over the years. So, when he decided to switch careers and start Rocky Mountain Archery, he had a pretty clear vision of the archery destination that he wanted to create. This family business story is about perseverance and creating a life around what you love.

Length: 28 minutes

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