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Divinia (05:45)


Bottled water is the second largest U.S. beverage market share. Steven Sedlmayr discusses the impetus behind distilling water and water quality. His wife Remy discusses early struggles.

Dramatic Changes (02:34)

Steven and Crosby Sedlmayr discuss the fraudulent activity of an early investor and starting over in Idaho Falls after losing their home in Phoenix, AZ.

Divinia Bottled Water (05:21)

Crosby explains the distillation process and how the family began to financially recover; Steven discusses worldwide water quality. Marketing Director Kiersten Landers explains Divinia and the company's growth; Kaui Stanfield is a distributor.

Bottled Water Market (04:47)

Divinia strives to open satellite facilities around the world; Remy explains the use of shipping containers. The market is highly competitive and Divinia emphasizes scientific research. The company does not use plastics in labeling.

Family Business (05:10)

Crosby reflects on personal growth. He and Landers discuss working with family, the company image, and success. Steven stresses water quality. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Divinia Water (03:34)

Credits: Divinia Water

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Divinia Water

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In 2007, Steven and Remy Sedlmayr were enjoying the good life in Arizona, retired with two kids in college. When Steven decided to pursue building a water purification system and re-mortgaged the house, he had no idea that they’d soon lose everything. The story of Divinia water is about family, overcoming hardship, and the quest to create the cleanest bottled water on the planet.

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