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Maria Empanada (05:02)


Empanadas likely originated in Argentina. Lorena Cantarovici discusses starting her business in Denver, CO and demonstrates how to assemble a corn empanada.

Seeking Opportunity (04:26)

Cantarovici discusses challenges she faced in Argentina and coming to the U.S. Victor Arango recalls meeting Cantarovici and the popularity of Maria Empanada. He cites steps for establishing a brand.

Business Success (05:56)

Cantarovici discusses her first restaurant location, moving to Broadway Ave, and obtaining a loan. The business has grown to five locations; Cantarovici's family is proud. Gary Bredow tries his first empanada.

Planning and Resources (04:48)

Cantarovici discusses moving to Denver, CO, city support, and making a business plan. Arango discusses hiring employees and the marketing budget; Jose Marquez enjoys his job.

Recognition and Validation (03:27)

Cantarovici recalls the frantic pace of business during the World Cup and appreciating her success. She offers advice for other entrepreneurs. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Maria Empanada (02:50)

Credits: Maria Empanada

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Maria Empanada

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Lorena grew up eating her mother Maria’s homemade empanadas, but she never thought that the savory snack would help her achieve her version of the American dream. From being homeless in Argentina to owning five of Denver’s hottest restaurants, Lorena’s story is heartfelt, inspiring and will leave you salivating!

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