Segments in this Video

Around Love (Part One) (05:43)


Australian Katie, age 27, stresses the importance of trust and compatibility in relationships. Paraguayan Andrea, age 25, contemplates what makes a marriage work. American Latanya, age 40, has been married for three months.

Around Love (Part Two) (02:26)

Liana from Malaysia wants to meet someone with the same interests who likes to travel. Argentinian journalist Evangelina says marriage is not a high priority. Laotian office manager Daolinh believes it is a little late for her to get married.

Around Love (Part Three) (06:48)

Gabriela discusses sexist dating standards in Copacabana. Chinese architect Jing Jing Zou recalls her wedding dress. Nupan from Burma talks about the end of her loveless marriage and Milagro from Peru feels pressured to get married.

Around Religion (Part One) (03:37)

Jing Jing Zou discusses the decline of religion in China and her own spiritual beliefs. Kiwi designer Whitney says the idea of an afterlife helps calms her anxiety about death. Ecuadorian designer Andrea says her boyfriend is Catholic.

Around Religion (Part Two) (05:15)

Liana discusses her Muslim faith. Katie says she believes in God but does not go to church. Andrea thinks Catholicism and believing in evolution are compatible.

Around Religion (Part Three) (05:20)

Filipino stewardess Joann practices Catholicism and attends mass regularly. Eka talks about Allah and the importance of intentions. Daolinh and Thai restaurant owner Ladda discuss Buddhism

Around Pride (Part One) (04:21)

Eka jokes that she is jealous of countries where people are taller than she is. Andrea believes Paraguay has the most welcoming people in the world. Daolinh touts her country’s scenery and laid-back lifestyle.

Around Pride (Part Two) (05:40)

Liana liked living in the United Kingdom but prefers her Malaysian lifestyle. Gabriela cannot imagine living away from Bolivia. Milagro thinks Europeans are more open minded but prefers the customs and nice people of Peru.

Around Gender (Part One) (05:49)

Liana says the sexes are mostly treated equally in Malaysia, though distinctions are made due to religion. Whitney says women are making progress in New Zealand. Andrea says gender equality varies by region and profession in Paraguay.

Around Gender (Part Two) (06:22)

Joann discusses gender equality in the Philippines, pointing out that her country has had two female presidents. Katie says bosses are most often men in Australia. Gabriela says women now have greater educational opportunities in Bolivia.

Credits: Around Them (00:41)

Credits: Around Them

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A woman travels around the world to interview 15 different women from 15 different countries. As the women open up on topics ranging from love to religion to nationalism, this documentary paints a vivid portrait of the diversity of the female experience.

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