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Kayayo (02:19)


Bamunu, age 8, has not seen her family since coming to Accra to work two years ago. Over 10,000 girls work as "living shopping baskets" carrying items on their heads. Their families send them to pay for their brothers' educations.

Living in Abject Poverty (03:58)

A woman pays Bamunu little for delivering a heavy load; kayayos commiserate about underpaying customers. They earn under $2 daily and send money home to their families. They entrust their earnings to women who take advantage of their illiteracy.

Praying to the Water God (06:24)

Bamunu misses her family; she sleeps on the street with other kayayos. Girls struggle to carry heavy head loads. A friend suggests they pay tribute to the sea to get more customers; they visit the beach for the first time.

Preparing to Return Home (03:45)

Bamunu's family sends for her. She buys clothes and presents and gets her hair braided. She hopes never to return to Accra.

Reunited with Family (05:28)

Bamunu boards a bus for her village. Her parents, grandmother, and siblings welcome her. She asks her brother to teach her to ride a bicycle.

Desire for Education (02:03)

Bamunu will try to prevent her parents from sending her little sister to Accra to work. She asks her brother what he has learned in school.

Family Expectations (04:17)

Drought has reduced crop yields and Bamunu's family gathers wood to sell. Her parents reprimand her for bringing insufficient money home from working in Accra. They depend on her income and say she must return to work.

Returning to Kayayo Work (03:32)

Bamunu says goodbye to her family and boards the bus back to Accra.

Credits: Kayayo - the Living Shopping Baskets (01:09)

Credits: Kayayo - the Living Shopping Baskets

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Kayayo - the Living Shopping Baskets

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In the capital of Ghana, 10,000 girls, as young as six, work as real-life shopping baskets – called Kayayo, carrying heavy loads on their head (from 130 to 220 pounds), earning very little and some end up in prostitution to make ends meet. The documentary follows 8-year-old Bamunu, who works as a Kayayo to support her family. When we meet her, she has been away from her family and her home for two years. Bamunu has an incessant longing to get away from the harsh markets and reunite with her family. But her journey back home seems to be much crueler than an 8-year-old could ever imagine. This film is short listed for an Oscar for documentary Short.

Length: 34 minutes

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