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Philippines War on Drugs (02:08)


In 2016, President Duterte launches a campaign to execute addicts. Police say they killed 3.000 suspects; masked gunmen murdered thousands more. In 2017, police are accused of killing two unarmed teenagers in Manila—sparking mass protests. Duterte fires the Caloocan district force.

New Police Chief (03:18)

In September 2017, Jemar Modequillo takes over the Caloocan district. He plans to win hearts and minds—rather than kill drug addicts—and instill discipline among officers. He demands respect during target practice.

M-Town Gang (03:00)

Manila gang leader Axel Martinez lives in Caloocan District and avoids the police. He says they are corrupt and want to kill youth in the slums. Armed officers shake down a young man and threaten to shoot him.

Targeting Jimmy Aussa (02:30)

Special Operations Unit Captain Will Cabrales discusses Modequillo's mission to accomplish more in Duterte's war against drugs with less violence. The police have an extensive list of suspected users and dealers. Cabrales plans to arrest a dealer for gun possession.

Arresting a Dealer (06:00)

Cabrales' team has been monitoring Aussa for months. In January 2018, Modequillo debriefs team members and warns them not to shoot him. During the arrest, Aussa swears innocence but they find drug paraphernalia and a gun.

Caloocan District Jail (04:27)

Over 100,000 suspects have been arrested during Duterte's war on drugs; many have been awaiting trial for years. An officer offers a user a six month deal if he enters a program. A guard beats prisoners in the overcrowded cell.

Renewed Crackdown (03:33)

Funeral home manager Orly Fernandez predicts business will pick up soon. In early 2018, Duterte says the drug problem is getting worse. Modequillo has reduced police shootings in Caloocan but is under pressure to stop rising crime.

Mananabas (01:54)

Among police, Modequillo is known as the "executioner." SWAT Captain Octavio Deimos says he has killed many criminals. In March 2018, a wave of shootings begins in Caloocan.

War on Drugs Victim (03:37)

Soup vendor Jonathan Sevilla has been shot by an unknown gunman. His sister Loremie says he used drugs but did not deserve death; he has a young daughter. She believes the police ordered his execution.

Secret Death Squads (03:31)

Duterte urges police to use lethal force against those resisting arrest. In March 2018, Caloocan residents suspect gunmen on motorbikes are undercover police. Martinez says they can get away with murder and have Duterte's blessing.

Shootings by Police (03:19)

Police intimidate two young boys. Deimos says police only kill when suspects resist arrest; off the record he admits to undercover police carrying out executions. He sees addicts and pushers as having already given up their lives.

Execution Footage (05:02)

Modequillo says 18,000 people have surrendered to the drug watch list; he jokes about killing them. See Martinez's father Arnold being shot. He is a taxi driver and Martinez's young brother is with him.

Mass Murder Program (03:12)

Business is booming for Fernandez’s funeral home. Martinez's father stopped using after Duterte became president, but was on the drug watch list. Families of victims protest Duterte's war on drugs and extrajudicial killings.

Following Orders (05:41)

Modequillo denies the existence of police death squads. He is fired for failing to solve shooting cases and carries a cross through Manila in protest. No one is charged with Martinez's father's murder. The ICC has begun an examination of Duterte's extrajudicial killings.

Credits: On the President’s Orders (00:60)

Credits: On the President’s Orders

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This is the story of President Duterte's campaign against drug dealers and addicts in the Philippines, told with unprecedented and intimate access to both sides of the bloody war--the Manila police and an ordinary family from the slums.

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