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Effective Case Management (02:02)


Professor Ronald Rooney introduces the topic of working with mental health consumers. Cali Carpenter discusses the importance of case managers using empathy, listening, and respecting desire for personal choice.

Ineffective Case Management (02:23)

Carpenter says social workers should not draw conclusions based solely on her record. They should recognize that her needs change over time.

Counseling Approach (03:36)

When case managers push, it will trigger resistance; Carpenter is more likely to respond positively to encouragement. Honesty should be accompanied by compassion.

Assuming Client Capacities (07:09)

Carpenter reflects on service providers expecting better. If she accepts her gifts, people will not accept her struggles. Planning with consumers helps prevent the dilemma.

Roles and Expertise (03:59)

Melissa Hensley discusses her roles in the mental health system and explains her interest in this video project. She reflects on the value of respectful role delineation.

Authenticity and a Collaborative Safety Contract (05:19)

The facilitator of Hensley's relapse prevention group responds with sincerity, has a sense of humor, and learns from clients. Hensley discusses her psychiatrist's approach to a behavioral contract and recognizing the importance of her cat.

Resource Advocacy and Openness (04:50)

Carpenter's videos inspire MSW student and mental health services consumer Sheila Hanschen to create annotations. Hanschen discusses the value of an advocate who listens, follows through, and allows clients to share and express emotion.

Caretaker Challenge (03:25)

Paula Childers cautions against social workers assuming a paternalist role when a client is in an acute phase. Rooney summarizes the video and the next episode. Hanschen shares a poem.

Credits: Advice from Mental Health Consumers about Helping (00:38)

Credits: Advice from Mental Health Consumers about Helping

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Advice from Mental Health Consumers about Helping

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In this program, three consumers are specific in providing advice to helpers about ways to interact with consumers that assist them in coping and growth.

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