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"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "There's No Business Like Show Business" (05:29)


Elaine Stritch recalls misadventures with props, costumes, and makeup during performances. The actor sings the song from "Annie Get Your Gun."

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "I Want a Long Time Daddy" (04:33)

Stritch shares memories of her African American nanny and appearing in "Twelfth Night."

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "This is All Very New to Me" (04:07)

Stritch reminisces how she thought heterosexual meant gay and that Mahler's was a pastry shop.

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "Broadway Baby" (13:27)

Stritch recalls telling the Reverend Mother she wanted to move to New York City to become an actress and her relationship with Marlon Brando. She sings a song from "Follies."

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "Civilization" (03:59)

Stritch recalls getting her first role in a Broadway revue and insisting she receive a song.

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "Can You Use Any Money Today" (03:31)

Stritch recalls the opportunity to be an understudy for Ethel Merman. She sings the song from "Call Me Madam," composed by Irving Berlin.

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "Zip" (12:02)

Stritch never got to appear in "Call Me Madam." Richard Rodgers and Jule Styne decide on an out of town trial in New Haven for "Pal Joey."

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "All in Fun" (05:56)

Leland Hayward offers Stritch the Ethel Merman role during the national tour of "Call Me Madam." Stritch discusses her engagement to Gig Young.

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "Bus Stop" (04:08)

Stritch discusses working at the Music Box Theater and her relationships while acting on Broadway.

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "Why Do the Wrong People Travel?" (11:38)

Stritch shares how an out-of-town preview of "Goldilocks" led to her obtaining a role in "Sail Away." Two weeks before the Broadway debut, Noel Coward and Joe Layton combined two roles and terminated the other actress.

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "If Love Were All" (08:43)

Stritch describes meeting Richard Burton after a performance of "Sail Away." She performs the musical number from "Bitter Sweet."

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "I'm Still Here" (07:00)

Stritch explains why she changed her mind and decided to perform the Stephen Sondheim hit song.

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "There's No Business like Show Business" (18:56)

Stritch is angry that she used booze to perform; she describes drinking before the show and during intermission. While acting in "Time of the Barracudas," she paid a bartender to deliver champagne with an altered cork. Stritch reminisces about working with Gloria Swanson and Marge Champion.

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "Hooray for Hollywood" (05:00)

Stritch describes auditioning for "The Golden Girls," not getting the role, and giving a scathing interview about acting to "The New York Times."

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "The Little Things You Do Together" (11:25)

Stritch reminisces about out of town trials and the Broadway opening of "Company." The original "Joanne" sings "Here's to the Ladies who Lunch."

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "There Never Was a Baby Like My Baby" (13:42)

Stritch reminisces about her marriage to John Bay, living in London, diabetes, and alcohol addiction.

"Elaine Stritch at Liberty": "The Party's Over" (07:46)

Stritch discusses her life since she gave up alcohol and those who helped her remain sober.

Curtain Call (01:15)

Stritch receives accolades from the audience.

Credits: Elaine Stritch at Liberty (02:04)

Credits; Elaine Stritch at Liberty

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The one-woman hit that earned a Tony, two Emmy awards, and a Grammy-nomination. A film of the uncompromising Broadway legend as she mesmerizes the audience at London's Old Vic Theatre with anecdotes and songs from her 50-plus year career. Marlon Brando, Noel Coward, Rock Hudson, Ethel Merman and other stars all come under the knife-edge of her wit. Woven throughout are moving revelations of her personal struggles. In her whiskey-burnished voice, Stritch recounts unforgettable backstage anecdotes and makes ruthless observations. Performances of her signature songs and beloved classics are interspersed as well: Her famous, world-weary rendition of Sondheim’s The Ladies Who Lunch, along with But Not For Me, There’s No Business Like Show Business, Zip, I’m Still Here! and many more.

Length: 146 minutes

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