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"The Discarded Leg Reputed to Be that of Stankhanov" (02:51)


The Freud Museum in London hosts an exhibition of Stuart Brisley's work. Pieces include "Louise Bourgeois' Leg," "Dead Head," "Dirty Underpants," and "Bloody Hand." "The Collection of Ordure" is created by Brisley, Geoffrey Cox, and Adrian Ward.

Brisley: Background (04:43)

Brisley is known for his physical performance art. Pieces include "Weatherwork," "Untitled," "26 Hours," and "Keyll Ganicule." In "Ten Days," Brisley removes all his clothes and lays on a table of rotten food.

Gallery House Pieces (04:51)

Brisley discusses his installations "And for Today Nothing" and "ZL 65 63 95 C." The film, "Arbeit Macht Frei" is named after the wording above the gates of concentration camps.

Brisley's Photography (03:44)

Brisley wants images to have meaning. The artist discusses collaborations for "Approaches to Learning," "Moments of Decision/Indecision," and "Between."

Whitechapel Gallery London (04:00)

"Beneath Dignity" is first performed at the Brigand's Festival. The closure of space is expressed through the black rope and wood.

"Georgiana Collection" (06:21)

This exhibit examines community. Pieces include "R.Y. Sirb Dreaming," "Dirty Hand," "Mairead Farrell," "Against the Wall," and "X Comma X." Brisley discusses inviting Dublin garbage men to display pieces of trash they collected while working and making sculptures out of feces.

Credits: Stuart Brisley (00:28)

Credits: Stuart Brisley

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Stuart Brisley

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Stuart Brisley is perhaps best-known for his disturbing physical performances which pushed his body to extremes. But his work as an artist over four decades has embraced sculpture and installation, films and fictions, large-scale participatory projects and, most recently, the Web. Illustrated with archive footage and photographs, this profile of the artist explores his understandings of collaboration and community, of politics and the market, of humour and failure. At the centre of his diverse work are the essential qualities of what it means to be human. Brisley’s art remains challenging and provocative, not least in the recent project in which he has orchestrated works centred on a Museum of Ordure. The museum has a curator and a collector, and, at least as it was shown at the Freud Museum, London, an apparent display of human excrement.

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