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Introduction: DaVinci Resolve 16 (BETA) (02:16)


Ollie Kenchington will demonstrate some new features that have been introduced in the public BETA. The software can change. In the recent release, there are no major changes but an introduction to a "Cut" page.

User Interface & Tools: Overview (20:14)

The pages include Media, Fusion, Edit, Color, Fairlight, Deliver, and Cut. The workspace menu now includes a "show page" option. Kenchington demonstrates the improved higher quality scopes, changes to the histogram, quick export alternatives, "analyze clips for people" function, and stabilization options.

User Interface & Tools: Neural Engine (05:37)

The automatic color correct and shot matching functions are much improved. These tools will require humans to tweak its results. Kenchington demonstrates improvements in the Fairlight page.

The Cut Page (24:00)

In the early stage of a rough cut, editors concentrate on what footage they have, procuring the best selections, and creating a story narrative. The cut page merges the best parts of the Edit and Media page in a simple interface. Kenchington demonstrates the benefits of the dual timeline, one viewer, smooth cut, fast review, and smart insert, trim in and trim out functions.

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Bonus Module - DaVinci Resolve 16 (Beta)

Part of the Series : The Definitive Guide to Davinci Resolve
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While Resolve 16 doesn't change any of the elements of the course, in this bonus module Ollie breaks down the new features of Resolve 16's public beta including the new "Cut" page.

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