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In the Moment of Tragedy Newton Connecticut (02:55)


Rev. Matt Crebbin visits Very Reverend Kathie Adams-Shepherd, Provost of Christ Cathedral Church in St. Louis Missouri. Stole vestments represent the yoke of Jesus. Adams-Shepherd discusses learning of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Mass Tragedy and the Liturgical Calendar (00:52)

Adams-Shepherd discusses Trinity Episcopal Church holding its annual choir Christmas Party in support of the community.

Self-Awareness and Self-Care (01:53)

After trauma, there is a long period of time where things do not get better. Religious leaders discuss the pastoral load after the school shooting. Adams-Shepherd describes knowing when to move to a different congregation.

How Can Denominations and Congregations Support their Leaders? (02:49)

Adams-Shepherd wishes she had an unaffected person as a support mechanism after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. People who do not have the experience or background can damage the situation. Interfaith and religious connections help after a tragedy.

Stewarding Survivors and Community Narratives (01:16)

Survivors worry they lost the narrative of their loved one once other people tell the story. Healing is not linear. Everyone is on different trajectories when carrying for others and themselves.

Where Is God when Evil Happens? (00:56)

Adams-Shepherd recalls seeing God everywhere after the Sandy Hook School shooting.

Impact on Families of Faith Leaders (01:20)

Adams-Shepherd describes how she made time for her family to discuss the tragedy and how her son needed to leave college temporarily.

Re-Traumatization (01:32)

The Parkland shooting is similar to the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. People are impacted by gun violence daily. Adams-Shepherd discusses providing a visual reminder of shootings in the local area.

Moving Forward and Looking Ahead (02:24)

People believe the clergy from Newtown are broken. When gun violence festers, people forget how trauma impacts communities. Adams-Shepherd describes the strength she witnesses in members of her congregation who experience tragedy.

Credits: Looking Ahead and Moving Forward (00:49)

Credits: Looking Ahead and Moving Forward

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Looking Ahead and Moving Forward

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Expanding on the conversation he began in the first episode, Reverend Crebbin talks with another Newtown colleague, Reverend Kathie Adams-Shepherd, formerly of Newtown Episcopal Church, about her healing journey since the Sandy Hook School shooting. Reverend Adams-Shepherd discusses maintaining faith in the face of tragedy, and talks about how her experience in Newtown prepared her to serve her new community. Reverend Adams-Shepherd is currently Dean at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown St. Louis, where she ministers to communities (inner-city St. Louis and Ferguson) that face ongoing trauma in the form of chronic gun violence.

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