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15 Months: "Puzzles" (11:44)


This film features five sequences of children communicating and socializing. In the first, Jamie plays at home with her mother. She tries to fit together puzzle pieces, demonstrates affection, points to interesting objects, indicates she needs help, and becomes sleepy.

20 Months: "Bananas" (08:54)

Twins Isobel and Angus chase each other around their playroom while eating bananas. Isobel cries when Angus takes her ball; he brings her another one. Later, she takes his ball. Their mother fetches toys from under the couch.

2 Years 7 Months: "Kipper" (03:58)

Joanne looks at a book and photo album with her mother. They recall family events together.

4 Years: "Stickle Bricks" (08:37)

Kelly, Jack, and Jason interact in a play group. They build structures with Legos and make up stories about their creations. They imitate each other's ideas and recruit an adult to help.

4 Years, 6 years and 7 Years: "Too Many Cooks" (14:28)

Harley, her older brother Jay, and their friend Adam use play dough. Jay and Adam work together, excluding Harley. A confrontation arises over materials; Harley and Jay become physically aggressive and their mother intervenes. They both continue expressing frustration.

Credits: Communicating and Socializing: 15 Months to 6 Years (00:21)

Credits: Communicating and Socializing: 15 Months to 6 Years

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Communicating and Socializing: 15 Months to 6 Years

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Communicating and socialising effectively is an integral part of children’s development. So how do we best support this area of development? By observing the filmed sequences in this program, viewers can develop observation skills, deepen thinking, and increase knowledge of this important area of development. This program presents rich examples of communication that focus on nonverbal communication, differing developmental stages (with twins), three word sentences, leadership, cooperation, withdrawal, conflict, and more. The sequences especially highlight how communication is at the heart of healthy social and emotional development. The sequences are arranged chronologically by age from 15 months to 6.5 years.

Length: 49 minutes

Item#: BVL192521

ISBN: 978-1-64623-559-9

Copyright date: ©2002

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