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At Home with Mother (07:01)


This film shows sequences of three year old Megan in four different settings. In the first, she and her mother play with play dough. The observation aim is to assess her development level and her relationship with her mother.

Parting from Mother (03:09)

Megan's grandparents have arrived to take Megan out. The observation aim is to describe Megan's behavior upon separation from her mother. She becomes clingy and follows her mother.

At Playgroup (07:29)

Megan has attended her playgroup several times. Her mother stays because Megan does not want her to leave. The observation aim is to describe Megan's behavior, including distress signs and interactions with adults and children. She prefers not to speak.

With Adult at Home (08:12)

Megan is at home with her mother. An adult that Megan hardly knows spends the morning with her. The observation aim is to see if Megan's behavior changes during the morning. Her mother leaves the room after two hours.

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The Three Year Old

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This program shows a three year old girl’s changing behavior in different situations, focusing on communication and engagement with adults of various standing within the child’s world. Children can behave very differently in different situations. A child that is quiet at nursery may be very chatty at home where they feel most comfortable and confident. Having insight on how a child’s behavior may change depending on where they are or who they’re with, can help to build up a true picture of them so you are then able to support and plan for them most effectively.

Length: 27 minutes

Item#: BVL192518

ISBN: 978-1-64623-556-8

Copyright date: ©1998

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