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First Days after Birth (02:43)


This film will show how newborn babies establish relationships and communication with their parents. Shammy is Noreen's first child; Louise is Tim and Maxine's first baby; and Helen is Bernard and Hillary's third child. See them interact with their newborns.

Communication during Feeding (05:36)

Adults encourage babies to be expressive and speak to them as if they understand; babies will learn they can elicit a response. Hillary talks to Helen during a breastfeeding pause. Mothers' voices and faces are most interesting to newborns.

Crying Communication (04:18)

Parents can talk to babies while changing diapers. Noreen interprets Shammy's cries as indicating hunger or discomfort, or seeking attention. Sometimes causes of distress are unclear; parents must experiment with responses.

Smiling (04:28)

At six weeks old, Helen has a variety of expressions and responds to her mother's tone. By two months, babies engage in "conversations" with caregivers and recognize family members.

Interpreting Baby Signals (06:02)

Hillary describes Helen's body language; Maxine discusses how Louise responds to her verbal cues. By three months, Shammy uses voice, hand and mouth movements to communicate with his mother. Louise has a "conversation" with her parents while eating.

Credits: Born to Talk: Birth to Three Months (00:15)

Credits: Born to Talk: Birth to Three Months

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Understanding babies’ subtle communications during the first three months can be quite a challenge for parents and practitioners alike. This program follows three babies as they develop and looks at how to interpret their non-verbal gestures. It presents clear and delightful examples of how to engage with babies right from birth, showing how to support early interactions and conversations and read signals.

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