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Introduction: The Angry Eye (01:06)


After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jane Elliott decided to talk about racism in a more concrete way with her third grade students.

Psychological Exercise (04:33)

Elliott will attempt to show participants what it is like to be something other than white; negative traits are assigned based on eye color. An African American man explains his experience with his children and schools.

High School Reunion (01:54)

In August 1984, former Riceville, Iowa students that participated in Elliott's third grade experiment reunite. They reflect on their feelings during the experiment.

Stolen Generation (02:26)

In Australia, an Aboriginal woman reflects on the 1937 "breeding out" program, the prevalence of discrimination, and the impact on her life.

Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise: 8 AM (03:15)

Elliott likens the exercise to an injection of racism. Students reflect on the experiment before it starts. At 8 AM, Elliot divides the group by eye color.

Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise: 9 AM (14:01)

Elliott recalls the experiment in her third-grade class; see a clip of “Eye of the Storm.” Today, she approaches the exercise with a mean attitude. Follow the first part of the exercise, beginning with instructions and commands, and hear student reflections.

Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise: Frustration (07:57)

Blue-eyed students continue reading signs on the wall and face criticism; a student gets angry and leaves the room. Elliott extends the exercise beyond making the point to "nail it down"; hear student reflections.

Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise: Reactions (06:18)

Students record how the other group appeared during the exercise and how they felt. Elliott likens reactions to the five stages of grief and discusses student responses; hear student reflections.

Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise: 11:30 AM (02:24)

Elliott concludes the exercise and stresses the aspect of choice. Elliot and students reflect on the impact of the exercise.

Credits: The Angry Eye (00:43)

Credits: The Angry Eye

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This program presents a fascinating reprisal of the original 1968 blue-eyed/brown-eyed exercise in discrimination by Jane Elliott, but this time doing the exercise with young adults. It shows how discrimination develops in the experiment and how it affects both the group that is discriminating and the group being discriminated against. It interweaves the young adults in the exercise with post-session interviews that show the participants struggling to come to terms with their recent experiences.

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