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Are there Nambiquara Yet to be Contacted? (02:10)


Marcelo Dos Santos says groups from the Tenente Marques and Meireles rivers remain isolated. One has relocated due to conflicts with the Cinta Larga tribe. Fazendeiros, or farmers, are also infringing on their land.

Lack of FUNAI Funding (02:54)

Dos Santos says there are too many indigenous groups for the National Indian Foundation to protect. In 1985, a farmer killed tribal members; survivors live among white prospectors in Nova Esperanca. He is unsure whether they could regain their land.

FUNAI Attitude toward Nambiquara Massacre (02:34)

Dos Santos describes violence against indigenous groups on two occasions; farmers acted with impunity despite the National Indian Foundation's presence. He attributes this impunity to Brazil's political and justice system that fails to protect indigenous land rights.

Failure to Protect Indigenous Rights (02:22)

In Potiguaras, a judge contested a prohibition order against farming on tribal land. Dos Santos discusses the lack of political support or funding to enforce legislation or investigate violations. Cattle ranchers subsidized by SUDAM bypass land ownership restrictions.

Threatened with Violence (03:49)

Dos Santos discusses instances where FUNAI colleagues have been intimidated by farmers and ranchers while trying to protect indigenous land. Fazendeiros logged thousands of acres in prohibited areas; their lawyers convinced local judges to bar FUNAI representatives from entering.

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Interview With Marcelo Dos Santos

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This program by anthropologist Barrie Machin features an interview with Marcelo Dos Santos, an official from FUNAI - the National Indian Foundation - who lived with the Nambiquara people of the Brazilian Amazon for 17 years.

Length: 15 minutes

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