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Introduction: Heroes of 9/11 (02:26)


A businessman who escaped the Twin Towers searches for a stranger who performed a random act of kindness. A military chaplain hopes to find a fellow clergyman who helped him carry on. Most citizens can remember what they were doing on September 11th, 2001. (Credits)

Twin Tower Attack (04:50)

Patrick Anderson traveled to New York City for a conference at the Marriott World Trade Center. The survivor describes events after the plane hit the first Twin Tower. Firemen told people to not look up before the second plane hit.

Pentagon Attack (06:09)

Timothy Mallard describes watching the news about the Twin Towers when a plane attacked the Pentagon; 184 people were killed. The South Tower collapsed at 9:59 pm. Anderson sought sanctuary at Stuyvesant High School where students were taking yearbook photographs; Emily Maroney, an assistant, helped the businessman flee lower Manhattan.

Overwhelmed and Scared (07:14)

Mallard helped a FEMA team from Tennessee say blessings over corpses. Mallard began to cry while reading a psalm to the rescue operation. A fellow military chaplain offered words of comfort.

In New York City (02:48)

James Leonardo explains that Maroney worked for Thornton Studio. Anderson re-traces the path walking up the West Side Highway on 9/11.

Memorial Stone (04:21)

Mallard returns to the Pentagon for the first time since his post. The U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School at Fort Jackson, South Carolina holds artifacts and records of 9/11. Mallard did not record in his journal about the Coast Guard chaplain.

Thornton Studio (04:11)

Edward Thornton explains that Maroney quit and left New York City after September 11th. Anderson pays his respects at Ground Zero and becomes even more determined to thank Maroney.

Following Leads at Fort Jackson (04:22)

After working in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mallard educates other chaplains on ministering. Larry Racster discovers only one Coast Guard chaplain who served at the Pentagon site. Captain Leroy Gilbert now preaches at the Mount Gilead Baptist Church.

Recovering from a National Trauma (02:02)

Anderson visits Tuesday's Children to find clues. Terry Sears provides Maroney's contact information. Anderson sends an email to his guardian angel.

Mount Gilead Baptist Church (03:51)

Captain Gilbert explains that he sent his assistant to help minister at the Pentagon. After seeing a picture, Mallard confirms that Doug Wade is the Coast Guard Chaplain he is looking for. Anderson receives an email from Maroney.

Reunion (03:38)

Anderson thanks Maroney for caring for him. Maroney has now recovered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and works in a nursing home and mental health center. Michigan Remembers fund helps remember victims and heroes from September 11th.

Meeting His Guardian Angel (06:44)

Mallard draws strength upon the moment when Wade comforted him. Soldiers hug and physically support each other. Wade is reassigned and accompanies bereaved families to ground zero in New York City.

Credits: Heroes of 9/11 (00:27)

Credits: Heroes of 9/11

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Heroes of 9/11

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Join Ann Curry for dramatic reunions between people whose lives intersected on 9/11. Patrick searches for the New York stranger who comforted him after the disaster, while Timothy hopes to thank the fellow chaplain who gave him the strength to carry on at the Pentagon.

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