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Introduction: Rockies (01:57)


The Rocky Mountains stretch for 3,000 miles across North America. Seasons change in hours.

Mating Season (04:50)

The Rockies travel through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Canada. Male big horn sheep compete for females by fighting each other. Tendons protect the animals from getting whiplash upon impact.

Weather Changes (02:53)

Scientists record a 100-degree temperature swing in a single day. 70,000 acres are burnt every summer. In midwinter, water vapor forms diamond dust, creating the northern lights.

Mastering Winter Survival (02:38)

The wolverine feeds on the frozen carcasses of animals killed by weather. Wolves scour the countryside looking for prey.

Hiker and Skier (05:48)

Humans need to gauge the conditions perfectly to live in the mountains. Hillaree O'Neill ascends Mount Sneffels in the San Juan Mountains. Upon reaching the apex she rappels and skis down.

Attracting Pioneers (03:55)

Mule deer graze by an abandoned homestead in Montana. Cameras capture a mountain lion feasting on prey.

Spring Arrives (02:37)

Glaciers and lakes melt in late March. The Rocky Mountains irrigate 900 million acres across North America. Life teems across the once desolate landscape; populations boom.

An Elk Is Born (05:19)

The young calf hides while the mother leaves to lead away predators. The baby stays perfectly still. One out of three calves are killed by grizzly bears.

Winds (04:45)

Jeff Shapiro hunts with a half gyrfalcon-peregrine hybrid falcon. He hikes up the mountain and BASE jumps down 3,000 feet.

Summer Arrives (04:45)

Melting snow creates ponds that will dry up and disappear. Salamanders transform into cannibals then metamorphose into a land animal.

Midsummer (04:21)

Animals try to eat as much as possible. Gyrfalcon-peregrines' hearts beat the fastest of all creatures. The mother feeds babies on a mixture of regurgitated insects and nectar.

End of Summer (08:48)

Native Americans compete in the Indian Relay, a bareback horse race in Montana. Oliver Pakootas burns sage to protect himself and the horse before participating. Snow begins to fall as autumn arrives.

Credits: Rockies (00:28)

Credits: Rockies

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The Rockies stretch 3,000 miles across a beautiful wilderness, home to cougar, wolverine, wolves, and grizzly, and where daredevil wingsuit fliers jump from high peaks and Native Americans compete in breakneck horse races.

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