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ReWalk (03:43)


Paraplegic Michael Rhymer tries a wearable robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion, enabling spinal cord injured individuals to walk upright. Inventor Dr. Amit Goffer discusses the development process.

UPnRide (02:08)

Goffer invented a device that allows quadriplegic individuals to stand upright, helping to address wheelchair dignity issues. Learn about its design. Goffer is passionate about his work and does not plan to retire.

Liftware Steady (04:04)

Anupam Pathak discusses inventing a spoon designed for individuals suffering pathological tremors. A computer in the handle senses involuntary movement and responds by moving in the opposite direction as a counter balance. Pathak recommends sharing ideas about inventions.

Organs-on-Chips (04:24)

The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering applies biology principles to industry solutions. Dr. Donald Ingber demonstrates an invention mimicking human organs to improve drug development and clinical trials, eventually replacing animal testing.

Digitizing the Physical World (02:43)

Master Inventor Lisa DeLuca has patented 600 inventions for IBM. She focuses on ways to connect real world items to the Internet of Things and share data between items. She discusses her passion for inventing.

Bio-Inspiration (05:40)

Britt Wray is inspired by nature, as was Velcro inventor George de Mestral. Bioengineer Jeff Karp studied viscous secretions in sand castle worms and snails to develop an adhesive glue for babies with septal defect. He discusses the importance of teamwork.

Stillae Project (02:37)

Drawing inspiration from the fog stand beetle and desert cacti, an all-female high school team invented a device that draws water from the air. They urge young people to pursue their ideas and dreams.

Safety Net (04:55)

Dan Watson is developing a fishing net that reduces bycatch. It uses light to attract certain fish species to an escape hatch and repel others. He discusses the importance of having a business partner and reflects on the invention process.

Hollow Flashlight (03:00)

High school student Ann Makosinski has invented a flashlight using Peltier tiles to generate electricity from hand heat. She won the Google Science Fair and has launched a YouTube channel. She hopes her invention will help people in developing countries.

Steadicam (05:32)

Garrett Brown invented a harness allowing camera operators to run, jump, and climb stairs while maintaining image stability. He explains the design and demonstrates a recent idea he is working on. He advises against trying to invent something for money.

Argus II (Bionic Eye) (04:07)

Robert Greenberg has invented a device that helps retinitis pigmentosa patients. Graham Langford wears glasses with an attached camera that converts images to electricity transmitted to an implant activating light in the brain. Greenberg’s next version will bypass the optic nerve.

Space and Advanced Life Support Agriculture (05:02)

Mike Dixon is developing controlled environmental systems for growing food to support humans on a 2.5 year mission to Mars. The challenge is making it reliable and able to produce indefinitely. Genetically identical lettuces grown under different light colors feature diverse flavors.

Credits: The Nature of Invention (00:31)

Credits: The Nature of Invention

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Behind every invention is a fascinating story. Britt Wray wants to meet inventors to find out what inspires them and what makes them tick. She meets a 15-year-old girl who has created a flashlight powered by the heat of your hand, a quadriplegic doctor who has created a wearable robotic exoskeleton that enables wheelchair bound people to walk upright, and many more.

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