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Wounded in Action (01:58)


Roger Perreault serves with the Canadian Armed Forces as an engineer; he is married and has four children. He was wounded in Afghanistan in 2006 and suffers from lingering pain and trauma. (Credits)

Family Support (04:04)

In the fall of 2008, 2,500 troops depart Camp Petawawa for a six-month mission in Afghanistan. Audrey Menard, Maddie Mills, and other teenage children of deployed soldiers attend a support group where they act out their feelings using puppets. Jill Kruse is like Maddie's second mom.

Children Support Group (03:22)

Children share drawings inspired by memories of their deployed parents; Matthew Perrault's image depicts an IED. His sister Marissa and the rest of their family are afraid to trigger Roger's temper.

Group Dinner (04:48)

Greg Kruse calls home and leaves a message. Evan Mills misses his father but says it is nicer when he is not there yelling; he worries about his father in Afghanistan. Maddie makes dinner for her siblings and the Kruse kids.

Anger Management (04:22)

Roger's personality has changed since his deployment. His wife, Frances, sometimes calls ahead and stays at work longer when her husband is irritable. Audrey gets a call from her dad. She once contemplated enlisting but no longer supports fighting in Afghanistan.

Military Lifestyle (01:51)

Evan thinks he will join the military to pay for college. Maddie complains about having to move every few years and not seeing her dad for three years in a row.

Family Therapy (02:58)

Roger and his family have participated in therapy since he was diagnosed with PTSD. Frances recalls learning about Marissa cutting herself. Evan shares his feelings about his dad's mental health and war.

Pros and Cons of Service (02:55)

Audrey's sister, Sonia, tries to convince her that the mission in Afghanistan is just and that she should enlist. Monique Gagne and Stephane Langevin prepare a family meal. Stephane has returned from deployment and their life has changed dramatically.

Expressing Feelings (03:51)

A counselor tells teens that talking about their concerns is healthy. Marissa is embarrassed to talk about personal issues. Roger becomes emotional as his family interviews him about his medals.

Holiday Season (06:29)

Stephane is proud that Sonia is attending military college, but he is not so sure about her joining the Canadian Navy. The family decorates a Christmas tree. Jill Kruse recalls her husband's last visit and his death.

Mental Health (02:39)

Roger describes a soldier’s suicide attempt. Frances believes the media should highlight the suffering of returning troops. Maddie used to constantly worry about her dad’s safety. Scott Kruse's daughter is jealous of kids who still have dads.

Family Reunion (03:36)

Families gather to welcome back returning soldiers; Maddie's father is among them. Jill struggles to explain war to her children. The Kruses have put their house on the market.

Life Changes (07:19)

Just as Scott starts to feel comfortable at home, he has to prepare to return to active duty; he has become unsure of the mission. The Kruses must come to terms with loss and change. Audrey has decided to study theater.

Credits: Children of Soldiers (01:41)

Credits: Children of Soldiers

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This incisive portrait of the daily lives of children and teens from four military families reveals the particular circumstances of life at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa. Every day, each must come to grips with absence, an uncertain future, and the looming prospect of death. In a world where giving expression to fear or grief is taboo, young and old alike try to find balance between loyalty to the troops and staying true to themselves. Shot over the course of an entire troop deployment to Afghanistan, this film lifts the veil on a reality shared by thousands of young Canadians.    

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