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Seeking Cancer Treatment (04:30)


Actress Babz Chula and Director Anne Wheeler fly from London to Mumbai, India. Chula is dying of cancer and hopes to be cured in Kerala.

Battling Cancer (02:29)

Five months before her trip to India, Chula receives chemotherapy. She has lung cancer, breast cancer that has spread to her liver and lungs, and blood cancer. She has learned of an Ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurvedic Resort (03:49)

Chula questions the western approach to medicine and has tried several alternative treatments. Her will to live is strong, but her body is riddled with cancer. Chula still feels the effects of chemotherapy, and the resort is not what she expected.

Ayurvedic Medicine (07:26)

Chula receives treatment for her swollen legs. She begins keeping a video diary, complaining about the food and smells around the compound. She receives a ghee treatment, but her condition seems to have worsened and she is anxious.

Chula's Outlook (03:45)

Wheeler contemplates Chula’s reasons for continuing treatment and whether they should leave before she is too weak to travel. Christina explains Ayurvedic therapy. Chula becomes homesick and Wheeler moves into her room.

Panchakarma (06:46)

The mud treatment seems to have reduced swelling in Chula’s legs, and her optimism returns. She has reduced her medication and is ready to start the next phase of her regimen. Chula’s physical and mental states improve.

Religious Festival (03:16)

Chula chats with her husband over the Internet. Wheeler follows a procession that includes elephants to a temple. She and Chula sneak away from the compound to go shopping in town.

Chula's Return to Canada (05:42)

Wheeler suggests that she and Chula stay at the spa, but Chula wants to go home. In Canada, Wheeler takes Chula to the oncologist and her children agree to be filmed. Tests reveal Chula has a cancerous brain tumor.

Chula's Prognosis (03:41)

Chula is rushed to the hospital for of shortness of breath. Her radiation appointment is canceled, and there will be no further treatments. Chula must come to terms with her imminent demise. Her family and friends visit to say goodbye.

Final Preparations (07:26)

Chula wants to die at home. Her husband, Larry, quits his job and family members put their lives on hold to take care of her. The family discusses practical matters, including her will and burial arrangements.

Chula's Final Days (03:54)

Wheeler feels it is a privilege to visit with someone who only has time for the truth. Chula’s son sees her fading in and out of consciousness; she does not seem to be afraid. The family focuses on being together.

Death and Reflections (04:38)

Chula has died. Her family and friends clean her body and hold vigil. Wheeler reflects on the human soul and meaning of her own life. A flashback from Chula's time in Kerala shows Chula revealing she has a brain tumor.

Credits: Chi (01:22)

Credits: Chi

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Anyone who knew Babz Chula-a talented, larger-than-life actress from Canada's West Coast-could tell you that her life force, or chi, was incredibly strong. When Babz reconnected with director Anne Wheeler in 2009, they discovered a mutual interest: India. Babz  convinces Anne to join her on a journey to Kerala, where  she will undergo treatment by a renowned Ayurvedic healer in an effort to rid herself of cancer. Anne suggests she bring her camera and film the treatment, and Babz agrees. Not all goes according to plan when they arrive; the center is far less sophisticated than Babz anticipated, and she is very ill from her last round of chemotherapy and the long journey. But, after six weeks, Babz seems to show considerable physical and psychic improvement. When they return home they learn that Babz's cancer has spread and she has weeks, if not days, to live. Babz invites Anne and her camera to continue bearing witness to her journey into the unknown.

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