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Miami-Dade Prison Boot Camp (04:13)


Vogue Williams visits a Florida prison program run by women that allows convicted felons to trade longer sentences for six months of military style training. Drill sergeants initiate Williams during an early morning workout.

Drill Sergeant Rationale (02:38)

Prison boot camp officers explain that being tough on inmates helps their self-esteem and prepares them for release. Williams finds breakfast foods inedible.

Imbuing Maturity (03:29)

Williams interviews an inmate about why he chose boot camp over a ten year prison sentence. Drill Sergeant Pierre-Louis discusses her reputation as the scariest corrections officer. She sees discipline as a means to improving life chances for young prisoners.

Fake Gangsters (03:34)

Lieutenant Rose Green disciplines inmates for failing to address her properly. One young man receives extra punishment for returning to the program after having been expelled. Drill sergeants use boot camp jargon, to avoid swearing at cadets.

Boot Camp "Recycles" (02:29)

Sebastian, 20, participates in the Miami-Dade Prison program for the fourth time; he is avoiding a 25 year sentence and hopes to join the military. Inmates in their final months are granted work releases; one has a restaurant job.

Recovering from Substance Abuse (02:08)

Some inmates spend their final months in drug rehabilitation. Counselor Miss Jackson discusses the assessment process.

Harsh Juvenile Prison Sentences (03:01)

A boot camp drill sergeant feels hope, rather than sympathy, for young inmates. Judge Lester Langer discusses Florida's legislative response to a juvenile "super predator" crime wave.

Homeboy Enterprises (03:58)

Williams visits a Los Angeles cafe teaching former female gang members catering skills. Kendra followed her siblings into the Crips. After two prison stints, she is attempting to straighten out her life, for her children's sake.

Tattoo Removal (02:53)

Kendra is getting gang and prison tattoos removed to improve her chances of employment. She talks about differences in women’s and men’s prisons.

U.S. Gun Culture (06:39)

Williams accompanies gun club member Debbie Donahue to a Florida shooting range, discovering how easy it is to purchase and fire a weapon. Donahue explains her desire to protect herself from potential harm.

Meeting a Death Row Inmate (01:50)

Williams receives permission to interview Emilia Carr at the Lowell Country Women's Correctional Facility in Florida. Carr was sentenced to death for the kidnapping and murder of Heather Strong, her boyfriend's wife.

Emilia Carr Interview (03:56)

Carr reflects on the emotional impact of receiving her death sentence. She discusses the grief process and her resolve to fight for her life.

Life on Death Row (03:02)

Carr is isolated but socializes with neighboring inmates. Before her sentence, she wanted to become a corrections officer. She is participating in an education program and is determined not to become depressed or lonely.

Unequal Treatment (05:12)

Carr discusses why her co-defendant was sentenced to life in prison, while she received the death sentence. She believes U.S. culture is tougher on women. She discusses how childhood trauma influenced her relationships, and reflects on growing emotionally while in prison.

Credits: Vogue Williams: Tough Girls (00:45)

Credits: Vogue Williams: Tough Girls

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Vogue visits the U.S., the country with the highest per-capita number of female prisoners in the world, where 37% of correction officers tasked with managing inmates are women. How do women on both sides of the prison bars cope? To find out, she lives a day in the life of an inmate at one of the toughest prison bootcamps in the U.S. - run almost entirely by women - and speaks one on one with the youngest woman currently awaiting execution on the infamous Death Row.

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