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Cutting Edge Artist (01:59)


Sean O'Neill interviews Trinidadian-Canadian artist Curtis Talwst Santiago. He is internationally known for his "Infinity" series of jewel-box dioramas. Santiago lives in Lisbon, Portugal to focus on painting and research.

Santiago's Formative Years (04:17)

Santiago discusses his upbringing in Edmonton and the advice that inspired him to choose a visual arts career. Mentor Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun describes Santiago’s personality and approach to art. His new project is about ancestry, identity, and genetic memory.

Moorish History and Culture (04:09)

Santiago and O'Neill travel to the Portuguese countryside in search of images of the Moors, who ruled Portugal for 700 years. They visit Castelo de Almourol and Convento de Cristo Tomar. Santiago talks about intuition, African imagery in art, and his ancestry.

Inspirational Image (03:30)

Santiago and O'Neill visit a palace outside of Lisbon to examine “Chafariz d'El-Rey." The image depicts a black knight and a medieval Portugal that was more racially diverse than expected.

New Projects (04:20)

Santiago explains aspects of his creative process and discusses the trauma he experienced when creating works about police brutality. He recalls an experience in South Africa that inspired him to create a colorful suit of armor. His mother is the source of his confidence.

Display in New York (03:18)

Santiago and O’Neill visit the Frieze Art Fair. Santiago describes the uncomfortable feeling he gets seeing his art sold. He has a solo show at the Rachel Uffner Gallery featuring his work from Portugal.

Credits: In the Making: Part 7 (00:34)

Credits: In the Making: Part 7

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Trinidadian-Canadian artist Curtis Talwst Santiago broke onto the international scene with his Infinity series, vintage jewel boxes that he fills with tiny dioramas exploring history, fantasy and black identity. Now, he’s living in Portugal, working toward a major new exhibition and expanding his practice to create paintings, drawings and sculpture that explore his ancestry and, in particular, Moorish history. Host Sean O’Neill meets Curtis in Lisbon and travels with him through Portugal as Curtis finds inspiration and form for his intuitive vision. Then Sean follows Curtis to New York, where he debuts his new work at the prestigious Frieze Art Fair. 

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