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Award-Winning Artist (01:44)


Sean O'Neill interviews Mohawk artist Shelley Niro, who has won a Governor General's Award and the Scotia Bank Photography Award. Her paintings, photography, and films challenge representation of indigenous women in Canadian culture.

Portraying Contemporary Experience (02:51)

Niro consciously avoids stereotypes of indigenous art. Prof. Richard Hill elaborates on the dangers of self-romanticizing. Niro discusses the use of family in her artwork; beadwork is the first art form she worked at.

Niro's Upbringing (03:24)

Niro discusses growing up on the Six Nations Reserve and her connection to the river. She, her granddaughter, and O'Neill visit Brantford's Victoria Park, the setting of her image, "Mohawks in Beehives."

Steidl Headquarters (01:47)

Niro and O'Neill travel to Germany where Niro's book is being published. The duo travels by train to Göttingen with book designer Barr Gilmore.

German Publisher (07:57)

Niro and O'Neill meet Gerhard Steidl in Gottingen. Niro's book represents 35 years of her work; she savors the experience as the first pages roll off the presses.

Book Release Event (03:49)

The Art Gallery of Ontario hosts a book party and exhibition of Niro's images. Curator of Indigenous Art Wanda Nanibush recalls her first impression of the artist's work. Niro makes art for her family.

Credits: In the Making: Part 6 (00:34)

Credits: In the Making: Part 6

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Shelley Niro was been working tirelessly as a painter, photographer, and filmmaker for more than three decades, and she’s only now receiving wide recognition for her visionary work. After receiving a Governor General’s Award and the prestigious Scotiabank Photography Award within six months in 2017, Shelley’s work, which challenges stereotypical representations of Indigenous women in Canadian culture, is now the subject of a career-spanning book by the legendary German publisher, Steidl. Host Sean O’Neill meets with Shelley at home in Brantford, Ontario before travelling with her to Göttingen, Germany, where Shelley works around the clock with the fastidious publisher Gerhard Steidl to put her book to press.

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