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Introduction—I Love You, Now Die: The Prosecution (03:52)


Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III exchange thousands of texts, including messages about love and death. Carter goes on trial for encouraging Conrad's suicide. (Credits)

Conrad's Suicide (05:14)

Fairhaven police search for Conrad after he is reported missing; they find his truck in a parking lot. His family recalls learning of his death. Detectives Scott Gordon and Glenn Cudmore find disturbing text messages between Conrad and Carter.

Criminal Indictment (04:21)

Gordon and Cudmore interview Carter at her school; they confiscate her phone and review the content. A grand jury indicts Carter on charges of involuntary manslaughter. Text messages shock Conrad's loved ones.

Conrad's Mental Health (07:50)

A month before his death, Conrad made a video about his struggle with social anxiety and depression. Family members share memories and discuss Conrad's struggles. Conrad Sr. blames Carter for his son's death.

Relationship and Court Hearing (07:22)

Carter suggests ways for Conrad to kill himself. Conrad's sister Camdyn discusses the couple meeting in Florida; they exchange thousands of texts. Carter's attorneys appeal her criminal indictment.

Manslaughter Trial (04:19)

Carter waives her right to a jury trial. Reporters reflect on the hearing. Prosecutors call Lynn Roy as their first witness; she identifies her son in a photo and Carter in the courtroom.

Carter's Persona and Social Life (06:39)

Experts discuss public perceptions of Carter. Camdyn testifies about texts she received from Carter after Conrad's death. Carter's schoolmates testify about their interactions with Carter.

Carter's Need for Attention (05:59)

Two days before Conrad's death, Carter tells Samantha Boardman he is missing; she texts Conrad about the generator. After his death, Carter texts schoolmates, frequently posts on Facebook, and creates Homers for Conrad. Witnesses testify about her behavior.

Public Narrative (04:44)

Prosecutors lead court members to the location of Conrad's suicide. Experts discuss the narrative regarding Carter, public reaction, and the vilification of women.

Carter's Mental Health (04:25)

Experts discuss Carter's mental health issues and her neediness. See captions from Carter's Twitter profile and texts with schoolmates; witnesses testify about her behavior.

Causation Issue (04:51)

Carter's attorney Joseph Cataldo describes the focus on Carter rather than root causes of Conrad's suicide; he files for a finding of not guilty. Prosecutors must prove Carter caused Conrad's death; see texts between Carter and Conrad.

Credits: I Love You, Now Die: The Prosecution (01:08)

Credits: I Love You, Now Die: The Prosecution

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I Love You, Now Die: The Prosecution

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In 2012, teens Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy fell in love; even though they lived hours apart and met in person no more than five times, they exchanged thousands of texts over a two-year period. Then on July 13, 2014, 18-year-old Conrad was found dead in his car in a parking lot. What appeared to be a standard case of suicide by carbon- monoxide intoxication took a shocking turn when investigators discovered alarming text messages in which Michelle, 17, relentlessly encouraged Conrad to kill himself, even after Conrad had second thoughts and removed himself from his car. Michelle was arrested for involuntary manslaughter, sparking a controversial case that grabbed national attention. Though the Roy family admits Conrad suffered from depression, they maintain that he was doing well before his death and lay the blame solely in Michelle’s hands. As the trial begins in June 2017, with Michelle waiving her right to a jury, the prosecution paints a picture of Michelle as a lonely and needy girl who orchestrated her boyfriend’s death to get attention from a group of girls at her school.

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