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Trucking Industry (04:28)


Transfix operates an online marketplace that connects shippers and carriers, and uses data insights to drive decision making. Co-founder Jonathan Salama discusses efficiency, customer service, and cost savings.

Top Innovations (02:27)

In Malaysia, researchers are developing a way to send smells over the Internet. In Sweden, Einride is developing an electric autonomous transport truck. In New Jersey, mobile solar powered purifiers provide drinking water.

Autonomous Drones (06:15)

Some businesses use drones to collect data and help improve business processes. Aerobo CEO Brian Streem and Easy Aerial CEO Ido Gur discuss solution technologies, cost savings, Vermeer software, and drone manufacturing. See Terrafugia's flying car.

Nebula Genomics (04:00)

Co-founder George Church discusses the data collected from sequencing human genomes, managing data, hurdles, and mass adoption in healthcare.

Early Reading (05:58)

Homer Co-founder Britt Myers discusses quality reading in early childhood, personalized learning pathways, engagement, screen time, and gamification. Anthony Lacavera and Michael Bancroft reflect on show topics.

Credits: Beyond Innovation: Episode 14 (00:24)

Credits: Beyond Innovation: Episode 14

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Beyond Innovation: Episode 14

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Researchers send smells over the Internet, a startup brings the eBay model to the trucking industry and a flying car comes closer to becoming a reality. Plus, famous geneticist George Church explains why he’s willing to pay you to sequence your genome. Hosted by venture capitalist Anthony Lacavera and technology journalist Michael Bancroft. Other featured guests include: Jonathan Salama, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Transfix; Brian Streem, CEO, Aerobo; Ido Gur, CEO, Easy Aerial and Britt Myers, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Homer.

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