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Kenna's Early Years (02:54)


Photographer Michael Kenna travel's to Carnac, France to photograph iconic stone alignments. He discusses his travels, upbringing, and childhood desire to become a Catholic priest.

Artistic Influences (03:06)

Kenna discusses what attracted him to photography, his role models, and photographs he took for Rolls Royce, Mercedes, and other car companies. His advertising commissions allow him to pursue art.

Holocaust Photography (03:42)

Kenna explains what inspired him to the shoot thousands of Nazi concentration camp images he gave to the Patrimoine photographique. He has captured stark, wintry landscapes in Hokkaido, Japan.

Documenting Patterns (02:18)

Kenna explains discovering the Ford River Rouge Complex in Michigan. He tries to capture the human influence in settings and is obsessed with optical illusions.

Night Photography (04:00)

Kenna describes his projects as building blocks that are part of a larger whole. He recalls a project in upstate New York and discusses his Hasselblad camera and other gear.

Photographic Reverence (03:22)

Kenna discusses his drive to connect with subjects that are beautiful, awe-inspiring, and mysterious. He explains why there are no people in his images, and recalls an observation that Norman Parkinson made about his work.

France's Mont-Saint Michel Cathedral (04:44)

Kenna revisits a series of images and discusses characteristics of his coffee table books, the pros and cons of working with gelatin silver process, and the importance of being "an eternal teenager."

Credits: Michael Kenna: Photographer (00:24)

Credits: Michael Kenna: Photographer

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Michael Kenna: Photographer

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Michael Kenna is an English photographer who is most known for his unusual black and white landscapes. He is fascinated by moments when light is in movement. His ethereal images are often achieved through long exposures in addition to selecting the appropriate time of day. In this program, he talks about his childhood and how this influenced his career path, his major photography projects, what influences his work, how he became a night photographer, and the technical challenges.

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