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Burning Habitat (05:47)


In 2015, fires devastated the Sabangau area; fire patrollers daily monitor the area during arid spells. A researcher notes that male orangutans require space, traveling up to three kilometers a day; much of their territories is gone.

Borneo Primates (05:34)

Researchers discuss the habits of orangutans, gibbons and red langur; the 2015 fire greatly changed their habitat. The forest once provided food and a healthy environment. Now, individuals skirt the edges in search of fruit.

Timber Industry (07:05)

In 1996, logging reached Kereng Bangkirai; logs choked the Sabangau River by 2000. An activist blames the loggers for the 2015 fires that resulted respiratory problems for thousands of Indonesians. Experts predict prolonged dry seasons and fires will worsen.

Credits: The Burning of Borneo's Peat Swamp Forest (00:47)

Credits: The Burning of Borneo's Peat Swamp Forest

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The Burning of Borneo's Peat Swamp Forest

Part of the Series : Fighting Deforestation in Endangered Rainforests
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Borneo was once nearly completely forested, but in the last few decades the country has seen an alarming reduction in forestland. This widespread deforestation is having an unbearable effect on the many species that live in the Sabangau National Forest and on the indigenous populations of Central Kalimantan, who rely on natural resources and traditional ways of living. All of Sabangau National Park is ancient peat swamp forest. Peat holds a tremendous amount of sequestered carbon, and when it is cut and burned, it dramatically accentuates the rate of global warming. Additionally, it has been associated with an epidemic of lung disease in the local people. This program pieces together the inevitable results of deforestation—degradation of the landscape, loss of animal habitat, elongated dry seasons, and the unavoidable toll it is taking on the health and financial stability of the indigenous communities.

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